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Products to Get Rid of Keratosis Pilaris | Beauty Review

How I Got Rid of Keratosis Pilaris (aka "Chicken Skin Arms") For Good!

Like one in three people, I suffer from keratosis pilaris. The harmless but annoying skin condition causes little reddish bumps, like permanent goose bumps or tiny ingrown hairs, most often on the tops of the arms and the legs. It's caused by overproduction of keratin, which ends up hardening around the hair follicle and widening the pore. If you're prone to it, you may face a lifelong battle to control it as there's no real cure, and while some people find it lessens with age, many (like me) don't. The only solution is to find products that reduce the appearance, and stick to a strict regimen.

Like most people, I get KP worst on my upper arms. It's never made me so upset I've avoided short sleeves, but I do notice the reddish cast when I see my bare arms in photos, and I definitely notice how rough (almost spiky) my skin is. Over the years I've tried various things to try to reduce the appearance with varying levels of success. It took a long time to find the products that really work for me, but I've finally won the battle. Keep reading for the three-step process that has given me smooth arms for the first time since childhood!

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