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If You Suffer From Thin Hair You Need to Read This

If You Suffer From Thin Hair You Need to Read This
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Hair thinning is not a laughing matter, it's actually the number one hair concern for Australian women, with 76 percent of the female population suffering from the problem. And when we're always seeing those unattainable pictures of luscious Victoria's Secret locks, it can be a very stressful situation to have to deal with on a daily basis!

L'Oréal Professionnel states that the problem of hair thinning "occurs when the hair follicles enter a prolonged dormant phase and when the hair bulb activity is reduced. This provokes lack of hair density, resulting in less hair per square centimetre, and a smaller hair diameter." Which is all well and good, but what do you do about it? Although there are no complete cures for hair loss — apart from cosmetic procedures, like hair plugs — there are some very exciting new products on the market that are promising to make a very noticeable difference to hair thickness . . . and in turn are boosting women's confidence levels.

This emotional link to hair loss is a recognised one, in a recent study it was revealed that a massive 80 percent of women who suffer from hair loss also take a big blow to their self-confidence  leading to anxiety, paranoia and depression. In a sector which used to be dominated by male products, the women's hair loss market is growing substantially, which means there is more research into this female problem, and in turn more hair loss and thickening products on the market.

If thin hair is a problem for you we've gathered all the best new hair thickening and revitalising products on the market for you to take a look at, research, then buy and try for yourself. It's time to get your soft and swishing confidence back!

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