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Why I Checked Myself Into Cat-Eye Rehab
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Aimee Simeon

We all have that one beauty product we can't live without — perhaps it's a bright pink lipstick you only rock on girl's nights out, or a pricey foundation you vow to only wear for weddings. Well, like you, I have a love affair with a product, and that's black liquid eyeliner. I remember leaving my high-school classrooms to spend 10 minutes in the bathroom perfecting what would later become my favourite makeup look ever: the cat-eye. The better I got at creating my wings, the more I wanted to wear it.

Since the day I was confident enough to effortlessly draw the lines above my lashes, the cat-eye has become my beauty addiction. Whether headed to dinner with girlfriends or running weekend errands, I never left home without my fierce liner. That all changed one day in June. As I stood on the subway platform in NYC, a train whizzed past and a tiny piece glass flew into my eye. In addition to the pain, it left me with a running, black disaster of eye makeup — my deconstructed, destroyed cat-eye. I looked like I has just spent the entire day watching romance movies on Netflix.

After making it home and running my eye under litres of water, I was finally able to get the glass out. But a reoccurring discomfort the next day prevented me from grabbing my liquid liner and drawing a few swipes around my lashes. It was finally time to go 24 hours without cat-eye.

Throughout the day, I kept making frequent trips to the bathroom and checking my pocket mirror. While I still wore my everyday makeup, something felt off. I frantically checked in with my friends and my co-workers to be assured that I looked OK without my wings. They all assured me that I looked fine, but I felt naked without it. So, I decided to turn the situation around by checking myself into "cat-eye rehab" — a code for challenging myself to experiment with fresh looks for a week. Keep reading to see how I played with different colours and crayons to come up with unexpected new styles!

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