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Review: Brazilian Blowout Zero

Treat of the Week: We Review the Brazilian Blowout Zero

I've always been intrigued by "relaxing" hair treatments, but the thought of losing any movement in my hair has always been a turn off. I've got naturally curly hair by default, though after years of balayage, my curls have developed more into a frizzy birds nest than bouncy waves. As soon as I heard about the Brazilian Blowout Zero technique, I was keen to learn more. Unlike its predecessor, the standard  Brazilian Blowout, the Zero promises to give the same frizz-free results minus the harsh chemicals a lot of Keratin straightening treatments on the market still include.

Keep reading . . .I was booked in to Sydney’s Valonz salon where my treatment began with a standard shampoo at the basin. The Zero treatment was then put on my hair — much like a normal dye — and the formula brushed on in sections. A normal blow-dry followed, finished off with an intense ghd’ing process which again saw my hair sectioned off to be straightened. Depending on your hair’s texture, the straightening bit could take a while as this is what "seals" in the Zero formula. To finish, another trip to the basin gave my hair a final rinse while a mask added extra boost. Ash from Valonz then styled my hair with a quick blow-dry, which took half the time as usual as instantly, my hair was less frizzy and more manageable.

So, in short, here’s the drill on the Brazilian Blowout Zero:

  • Think of it more like an intense smoothing treatment rather than a straightening or relaxing technique. It won’t make your curls disappear but it will give you smoothness.
  • The chemical-free formula is a dream. It actually smells a bit like orange tic-tacs which gave it a fruity vibe rather than anything too intense. Yum!
  • My hair sits just above my shoulders and the entire process took about two hours. If you hair’s a little longer, allow a bit more time as the constant drying and straightening does take a while.
  • Your hair will feel healthier. I have dry ends which never seemed to agree with regular treatments, but I can really feel (and see) a difference now post-Brazilian Blowout Zero treatment.
  • There are some after-care products which you need to factor in to the overall cost. A specially formulated acai anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner ($39.95 each) are recommended to prolong the treatment, as well as a straightening balm for styling.
  • The Brazilian Blowout Zero lasts up to 12 weeks and costs $250 (for short hair) plus.
  • Would I recommend it? If you struggle with temperamental locks, this treatment is a life-saver, but if you’re after something a little more powerful, then a more intense straightening treatment could be a better option.

For more information on Brazilian Blowout Zero, call 1300 437 436.

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