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Review of Chanel Precision Ultra Correction Lift Day Cream

Bella Reviews: Chanel Précision Ultra Correction Lift

What: Chanel Précision Ultra Correction Lift Day Cream ($179).

They say: “This is based on the application of a structural concept to cosmetic research, with the aim of restoring a perfect level of tension and shape to the skin.”

First thoughts: This is easily the sleekest product casing that I’ve seen in a long time. I like the fact that it’s a pump-style bottle as opposed to a jar as I always misplace the spatulas that help to keep the formula bacteria-free.

Detailed findings: I’d done my homework with this product and was wowed by the science. I was particularly interested in the role of tensins – proteins that anchor skin cells to the matrix – and the work that Ultra Correction Lift does to stimulate them, thus improving the skin's structure. The trouble is, when you’re that well equipped with knowledge, you’re expecting big things. Keep reading. . .Luckily the patented elemi PFA ingredient – that is extracted from Manila elemi, a tree native to the Philippines – didn’t disappoint. My skin definitely feels more toned and seems brighter. The cream itself smells absolutely divine; so much so that I’m tempted to reapply throughout the day just for the aroma. It’s rich enough yet absorbs into the skin well, leaving that ever-so-slightly dewy appearance that we’ve seen on the runways. One of the best day creams I’ve ever tried.

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