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Discover the Cream That Works Day and Night to Keep You Looking Younger

Discover the Cream That Works Day and Night to Keep You Looking Younger

There's something interesting that happens as you reach the latter years of your twenties. You don't seem to spring back from those late-nighters like you used to. The effects of sleeping in your makeup one time leaves its mark on your skin for days, actually weeks, afterwards. You find by the end of a long work day, your makeup doesn't sit at all like it used to, suddenly it's finding all these new nooks and crannies to hang out in, leaving you strangely patchy and shiny in all the wrong places. Well, at least that's what happening to me right now.

There's a subtle shift where suddenly all these creams, serums and lotions that scream anti-ageing benefits start to apply to you. I'm not talking drastic measures here, but we all know that when it comes to ageing, especially in skin, it's all about prevention. It's much easier to stave off the signs of ageing than it is to reverse them  makes sense really. To be completely honest, anti-ageing is something that's been creeping into my skincare decisions for a few years, most of them pushed aside for a 'deeply hydrating' or 'daily mattifying' benefit instead ­but when you get down to it, all skincare is about fighting the signs of time and keeping your skin in its best condition. So even if your cleanser, toner, serum or moisturiser doesn't specifically say 'Anti-Ageing', it probably is.

My skin and I have always had a bit of a tricky past. If we were facebook friends I'd say our relationship status would be 'It's complicated'. I've flicked between good and bad skin days, bad weeks and bad months. Having spates of OK skin mixed with not so OK. As I've gotten older, and being a beauty editor, I have had access to lots of new and exciting products — I'm an absolute sucker for a new product, a new formulation and a new application technique. Which leads me to my biggest challenge. Sticking with one routine.

So it was somewhat refreshing to give myself a strict trial schedule, to only use one cream both day and night and see the results. Below you will find my thoughts on Dr LeWinn's Eternal Youth Day and Night Cream.

Independent POPSUGAR Australia review, sponsored by Dr LeWinn's

Each week Dr. LeWinn's will be giving 20 lucky fans the chance to win a full size Line Smoothing Complex S8 Hydrating Day Cream or Eternal Youth Cream, valued at $69.95 each! Share your own discoveries on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #iDiscovered to enter. The 20 most inspiring images will win each week and feature on the #iDiscovered Facebook tab. Good luck! Terms and Conditions.

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