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Review of Nads Laser Clinic Hair Removal

Underarms That Stay Smooth For 4 Weeks: Impossible or Not?

Everyone and their Grannie harps on about laser hair removal and its benefits, but does it really live up to the hype? We went on a mission to find out once and for all . . .

What: Underarm laser hair removal

Where: Nads Laser Clinic, Cnr George and Jamison Streets, Sydney

Why: Because I'm over the constant daily shaving that still leaves me with a 'shadow' and waxing leaves me battered, bloodied and bruised.

Price: from $70 for a casual treatment or $42 on a *VIP package; consultation is free

Consultation: We went through a laser checklist, which you go through each time you go in, in case anything has changed in your skin or lifestyle which might affect the treatment (it's especially important to inform them if you've been out in the sun or have started/stopped taking any medication). The whole thing was quick, yet very thorough; I was given a description of the different types of lasers, told which skin and hair types their laser works best on (dark hair, fair skin; it doesn't work red heads) given an after-care advice sheet which was really handy and asked if I had any questions before we were underway.

Keep reading . . .Treatment: I was told it would only take about five minutes on each arm and it took even less than that. It isn't painful, but you can feel something. It's only momentary and isn't even as severe as a pin-prick. It's a bit like those games where you get an electric shock, y'know, not painful but a tiny bit uncomfortable for a second or so.

After-care: There's no deodorant for 24 hours and you're encouraged not to get overly sweaty in that time either so book your appointment accordingly. I was told that I could expect to see hair growth over the next seven days but that the root of the hair would be dead so I could gently buff it away.

Four weeks later: It's a miracle! My skin feels soft and smooth and I am happy to wave my arms in the air like I just don't care because they are totally fuzz-free. Still. Four weeks later. It may be a little pricey but it's well worth it. Nads even offers a great VIP package where you can pay in instalments. Good one.

Worth it? Umm, totally! Especially if you're done with waxing/shaving/hair removal creams. I'm absolutely addicted.

Tips: You don't need to let hair grow like with waxing, you shave it the night before your appointment; don't be put off if you have skin conditions, I have a little eczema under my arm but I was fine, just check with them first; SPF 30 should be worn at all times, especially if you have laser; if your skin goes red or you have laser in an obvious area, you can apply a light dusting of mineral makeup, which won't irritate the skin.

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birdplane birdplane 7 years
thanks for explaining that Bella, makes more sense now! I hope you're hair-free after those treatments!
POPSUGAR-Beauty-AU POPSUGAR-Beauty-AU 7 years
Ps. It would be good to get a consultation for both birdplane. I've had both and had far better results with laser and most people in the industry say the same but the most important thing is that you're having the service you want in a place that is reputable. Let me know if you have any other questions xx
POPSUGAR-Beauty-AU POPSUGAR-Beauty-AU 7 years
Oh yes, this is just my first review after the first treatment. Sorry for being unclear! Basically it takes about 6-8 treatments that are all spread out about 6-8 weeks apart. Then some people require a yearly maintenance treatment. Nads were actually helpful in explaining the difference between the laser they use and IPL. The Nads laser is able to specifically target an individual hair, whereas IPL has a wider spread pattern so it isn't as targetted. They explain the pros and cons of each laser in this pdf which is a great resource across IPL/all lasers: xx
birdplane birdplane 7 years
Isn't laser hair removal supposed to be permanent, not 4 weeks only? I'm thinking of IPL unless this is something else.
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