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Review of REACH Total Care Toothbrush

Reader Reviews: REACH Total Care Toothbrush

There's nothing worse than picking up a brand new toothbrush only to get home and find it's a dud. That's where our trusty reader reviews come in, helping you sort the Good, the Bad and the plain Ugly. See what they thought of REACH's Total Care Toothbrush:

Theloveofpink said:

"I love that this is designed to reach hard-to-get places — I am so fastidious about dental hygiene! The built-in tongue cleaner is nifty and I did notice a difference with the ergonomic handle. FANCY. To be honest, I always really thought toothbrushes were much of a muchness, but I stand corrected. This is so handy and helped me get to every tiny little crevice in my gob. I will definitely purchase another when this is done!"

Esta Studin said:

"I really like the look of the REACH Total Care Toothbrush, it’s much nicer than the other boring run of the mill toothbrushes. I also love the thumb grip which gives you a really comfortable hold, so no more slipping! The tongue cleaner didn’t look like it would do much, but you could definitely see and feel the difference which was very impressive. It’s also really flexible which helps get into all those hard to reach spots. I think it’s an excellent toothbrush and they really have thought of everything! I won’t be going back to my old toothbrush."

Keep reading . . .gidgetjc said:

"I adore this toothbrush. I was actually in the market for a good toothbrush that is the right size to be able reach the back of my mouth and this does the trick! It really gives the teeth that overall clean like the advertisement says. All sides of all my teeth felt brushed and clean, plus it wasn't too harsh and provided the right amount of foaming. The bristles are the perfect softness without being like a kids toothbrush. The tongue cleaner was interesting, although after a long day if you really want that clean feel, it does work. It feels strange but you do feel instantly fresh."

Apwed had this to say:

"I thought this would be just like every other toothbrush but I was surprised: my teeth felt cleaner and I liked the fact that I could clean my tongue. This gets into all the grooves better than any brush, it also felt like the inside of my gums were being cleaned at the same time. This brush will be the one I look for at the supermarket."

blondie1973 said:

"The first thing that stands out is the great packaging. After my first use, I noticed the difference to using my regular toothbrush, my teeth felt cleaner and the brush gets to all of my teeth very easily.The tongue test was perfect, my teeth were so smooth after brushing and best of all, no furriness on my tongue. The grip on the toothbrush makes brushing so much easier and I would recommend this toothbrush to everyone that loves clean teeth."

Just Topaz thought:

"I change up my toothbrush quite often — every six weeks — so I’m always trying the latest. I like the lightness of the REACH and the little indent for my thumb makes the toothbrush steady in my hand and easy to manoeuvre, getting to all those hard-to-reach spots. The idea of the tongue cleaner is great, but I don’t think the surface on the back of the toothbrush is wide enough to grab onto the gunk that I’m trying to scrape away."

Unicorn73 had this to say:

"I loved using the REACH Total Care Toothbrush and found it to be very effective at giving me a full-mouth clean. The long handle and well-designed grip made for comfortable brushing and superior reach. I felt like the angled bristles reached every tooth and crevice and the tongue cleaner on the opposite side of the head was a great addition. I'm very happy with this toothbrush and would recommend it to others."

Autumns_Elegy said:

"Unfortunately I was not overly impressed. The ergonomic handle was nice, and it flexed well, but my teeth didn’t feel overly clean. The toothbrush didn’t really clear as much plaque as I’d have liked and the new bristles felt like the bristles on a three-month-old brush. The tongue cleaner didn’t really do much either."

Here's what Nix1 thought of it:

"This is a great toothbrush and I loved the ergonomic handle as it made for a better grip. With the added tongue cleaner I felt that it actually cleaned all areas of my mouth as the handle enabled the toothbrush to actually get to all the right places and after using this toothbrush, my mouth felt so much cleaner and fresher."

Nessabella said:

"I found the REACH Total Care Toothbrush really easy to use and it did a great job of keeping my teeth nice and white. I would prefer the head of the toothbrush to be a bit bigger and I would like to try the medium bristles but the ergonomic handle and tongue cleaner were great and should be part of every toothbrush."

DejaVoodoo had this to say:

"This is the best looking toothbrush I've ever used, it's just so bright and fun looking! The handle provides you with a great amount of grip and the brush head is slightly inclined forward, providing a more comfortable and controlled cleaning experience. It does have a built-in tongue cleaner but I've always found these to be quite useless, the REACH one is slightly better than other built-in tongue cleaners but nothing beats a good old tongue scraper. Overall, a great toothbrush."

Zepudding said:

"I must say I was very disappointed in this REACH toothbrush, the tongue cleaner at the back is too hard, it does not feel like its scrapping/cleaning the surface of my tongue at all. The comfortable thumb rest feels awkward as there is a hole where you place your thumb. The silicon plastic they use to cover the handle is also very hard compared to my regular Colgate 360. I have no problem with the bristles though; my teeth feel clean, I just don’t find the actual toothbrush comfortable to hold as it is quite rigid."

Teek727 said:

"This was actually a really great product: I have a small mouth and sensitive gums, so the soft bristles and little head of this toothbrush were perfect for me. It cleaned really well without being harsh at all and I loved the built-in tongue cleaner — it seemed more hygienic, gentle and effective than using the bristles to brush my tongue as I normally would. It was ergonomic and light to hold, and true to its name, was more than enough to reach right into the back of my mouth. All in all, definitely worth purchasing."

Piccolanippy said:

"I really really loved the built-in tongue cleaner, it did feel a bit weird on my tongue, but it actually made it feel really clean. I loved that it went down the neck of the handle a little bit too as it made it easier to clean my tongue. The more ergonomic handle was great, it was super easy to hold. My only dislike was that it didn't feel like there were enough bristles on the brush, but other than that it was great! When my toothbrush needs replacing I'll definitely consider buying this one."

Lafashionista78 said:

"When I first saw the REACH toothbrush I was pleasantly excited with its design. It was more slim and fancy looking than the current toothbrush I was using and came with a handy thumb grip. The head of the brush was small, too, which I found great to get to the hard-to-reach places in my mouth. The angled bristles also made for a better clean, reaching in areas that a straight-angled brush would find harder to get too. The tongue cleaner did its job, too and because of the small head, made it easier to clean without any gag reflexes. Overall I'm going to stick with this toothbruch and give my old toothbrush the flick!"

Birdplane thought:

"I have to say I've never been excited about cleaning my teeth before but REACH Total Care Toothbrush has changed that. I, surprisingly, found myself waiting for the next chance to brush my teeth. The bristles penetrate between my teeth, meaning I don't have to worry as much if I don't floss daily. The handle makes it easy to hold when wet. The bristles are well angled so I can reach the back of my mouth, leaving my entire mouth feeling clean and minty before using mouthwash. A great addition to any bathroom."

Glossqueen said:

"This is my new favourite toothbrush. It's gentle on my teeth and gums and cleans really well. The jagged bristles means that it can easily reach all the hard to get to parts to give my teeth a thorough clean. It also has a tongue scraper on it, which I think is a brilliant idea. I find the handle very comfortable to hold and easy to manoeuvre. This toothbrush is definitely worth a try."

Missy1632 said:

"When I received this product in my pack I was a bit worried, as it was a medium toothbrush and I usually opt for soft bristles. Luckily for me, the bristles are extremely soft . . . some may even say too soft. Aside from that issue, the brush is pretty impressive. It is a cute looking brush! It's easy to hold, small enough to move easily around your mouth, yet large enough to cover a big enough area. I had never used a tongue and/or cheek cleaner before, but now that I have experienced a whole mouth clean feeling, I will continue to use my REACH Total Care Toothbrush to achieve that all-over clean feeling!"

Edlie had this to say:

"I really, really loved the tongue cleaner on this, as well as the overall brush. I've never used a REACH toothbrush before but the bristles were gentle, my mouth felt super clean afterwards, my breath was excellent and my teeth do seem to be a bit lighter and brighter! I will keep using this."

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