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Review of Urban Remedy Juice Cleanse - Day 5

Sugars Do Detox: Day 5

It's the final countdown! Pop and Fab have worked their way through the Urban Remedy Juice Cleanse. Here's what they had to say on judgement day:

Pop: Cue Chariots of Fire music—it’s the final day of my juice-tastic cleanse! I made it without fainting, assaulting someone or collapsing from exhaustion. I’ve been super-productive all week because I’m so focused and healthy. I’ve been sleeping like a baby, the dark circles under my eyes are gone and my skin looks great! It makes me wonder what I could actually accomplish if I gave up my beloved schnitty and sauv blanc for good! I would have Jessica Biel’s body, my script would be finished and my laundry would be done! But like Lindsay Lohan sans SCRAM bracelet, I’m afraid I’ll soon revert back to my old ways. I don’t want my efforts to be in vain, so I’m determined to stay as healthy as possible and will probably do another juice detox before bikini season!

Fab: I feel light, alert and full of energy. I happily drink my juices today and am secretly chuffed that I’ve done as well as I have. I decide to reward myself with a slice of chocolate cake with some colleagues in the late afternoon. Big mistake. On the bus ride home I feel like my body has gone into shock. The clean, light feeling has been replaced with nausea and anguish. I instantly regret it and wish I stuck to the juices for my final day. Overall, I really rate this detox. There were some trying times but ultimately, I felt great all week and much better than usual. In fact I’m struggling with symptoms of feeling sluggish and tired now that I’m back onto regular meals. My only recommendation would be, try the detox in Summer rather than Winter, as cold drinks are REALLY hard to swallow when all you want is warm food and drinks.

Funny you should say that Fab. Urban Remedy is all over. It now has a special Winter Warmer Cleanser than incorporates two soups into the juicing pattern.

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