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Reviews of Clean&Clear Advantage Pimple Control Kit

Reader Reviews: Clean&Clear® Advantage Pimple Control Kit

Recently our  Reader Review Panel tried the Clean&Clear® Advantage Pimple Control Kit. Was it clear skin all 'round? Here's what they had to say . . .

jeujeu, age 29, said:

"I found the pimple control cleanser left my skin feeling extremely clean. A little tingling around the sensitive eye area though. The toner was good and the moisturiser had a non-greasy feel and absorbed quickly. The Spot Gel was very handy for any outbreaks I could feel and rectified the problem with regular use within about 48hrs. In all a very affective pimple control routine that I would use and recommend."

Keep reading . . .pigalou, age 28, had this to say:

"No doubt the products cleared the majority of the congestion up, however I still got the odd big blind pimple (which is unusual for me). My skin felt really clean when I used the cleanser, however it did also feel a little dry about 30mins after I had moisturised. The moisturiser wasn't too greasy and was a really good base for foundation. In the first week I had a few comments on how my skin had cleared up. I found the pimple cream very effective and the size of the products really good to travel with."

Zepudding, age 24, said:

"I am always doubtful when products have slogans such as “100% of people saw clearer skin in 1 day.” My doubtfulness faded when I woke up. I had two large pimples near my t-zone the night before and they had dramatically decreased in size. I admit I was amazed. However, one week after using this I was breaking out everywhere! My relatively smooth skin was now rough with small pimples, my t-zone would also get oily very quickly. I do not recommend it for people with combination skin, it is too harsh. I will however continue using the “fast clearing spot gel” on large red pimples, it noticeably reduces the size of pimples overnight!"

NoPromisesFromMe, age 18, thought:

"Clean and Clear Advantage Pimple Control Kit claims that 100% of users saw results in just one day, and after using the product, I believe them completely. The regimen was really simple to follow and would be great for those who have never used a four step kit before. The Fast Clearing Spot Gel worked incredibly well and the blemishes I had were dramatically reduced when I woke up the next day, I almost didn’t believe it myself! This was a great effective system and gave me beautiful skin!"

Edlie. age 28, had this to say:

"This kit is the new must-have for any woman aged 15-35! If you've ever had a pimple, or if you have serious acne, this kit can only improve your skin. Every item in the kit is gentle enough for my sensitive skin and all of the products worked in tandem to not only remove existing pimples, but prevent any more coming back. My fave item is the Fast Clearing Spot Gel: so gentle and yet so effective! 5 out of 5 stars, definitely."

Jasmine1485, age 25, said:

"I used the Advantage Kit for just over a week; after one day I noticed a pimple on my cheek was already less inflamed. Some of the smaller blemishes on my face cleared up over the week and so long as I used the entire kit, my skin remained smooth and moisturised."

Here's what Jojome, age 22, thought of it:

"I loved the feel of Clean & Clear Pimple Control advantage products on my skin. The cleanser smelt divine and foamed really well, leaving a lovely clean feel. The toner made my skin feel clean, smooth and clear and after use, my pores felt tightened. The moisturiser smelt great and it absorbed into the skin really well, with a small amount going a long way. The spot gel was light on the skin and felt like it was doing its job by reducing the look of my pimples within days of use. Overall I found the products did as advertised and would definitely purchase these products in the future."

Polly123, age 33, said:

"I thought Clean and Clear was only for teenage skin, but having occasional adult acne I gave it a go. I was really impressed with the products and found them all really nice to use and left my skin feeling really clean. I also really liked the moisturiser as it was nice and light. I noticed a big improvement within days especially on blackhead prone areas. Overall I was very impressed with the results."

Joey2608, age 31, had this to say:

"I was impressed after using the Clean and Clear Pimple Control Kit. The cleanser, toner and moisturiser felt soothing and calming on my skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and thoroughly cleansed. Since using the C&C Pimple Control products I haven’t had any breakouts and my skin has an even tone. In my opinion my blackheads have visibly reduced and pores seem clearer and cleaner. I would definitely use these products again and feel confident in their use to reduce, prevent and target affected problem areas."

ladolcealana, age 18, said:

"When I see the words "100% of users noticed a difference in skin appearance in one day!" printed across a box of skin products, I am instantly wary. Who did they test these products on, anyway? But when I wake up in the morning after using it the previous night, alas, I join the 100% success rating. That angry red pimple that sprouted yesterday morning? Barely noticeable. Success!"

jodestar, age 29, said:

"First of all let me say that I looooove the fast acting clearing gel, you can literally feel the pimple go down and, true to the advertisement, it had nearly disappeared within four hours. By using the whole kit I was able to keep my breakouts under control and I know that it helped to prevent them because my skin has become much clearer. It's so easy to use and I will continue to do so because I’m officially Clean & Clear."

greenless daughter, age 15, said:

"My daughter tried them and she has very oily skin with lots of blemishes. She applied the products in the order suggested: cleanser, toner, moisturiser and spot cleaner with high hopes. Unfortunately her skin got worse while she was using them. Perhaps they would be better for someone with less pimples. Funny thing is she already uses and loves another one of their products, Clean and Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser. As soon as she went back to using that her skin started to clear up again. "

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