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Reviews of NIVEA Calm & Care Deodorant

Reader Reviews: NIVEA Calm & Care Deodorant

Today the Reader Review Panel peeps are talking deodorant. They tested NIVEA Calm & Care Deodorant Roll-On ($3.79), so was it smooth and soothed underarms all 'round? Let's find out . . .

Nessabella said:

"This product really lives up to the hype; it's gentle, yet effective! It has a great scent that is not overbearing, so you can wear your favourite perfume at the same time. It has great staying power, which is great especially for hot and humid days. It has made shaving so much easier, my underarms are the smoothest that they have ever been. I am definitely going to continue to use this product, it is my now my favourite anti-perspirant. "

missy1632 had this to say:

"I always buy the same deodorant and was not really interested in anything new, but of course I gave it a shot! I thought the glass bottle would be hard to handle, but it really wasn't and fits quite nicely in your hand for application. I did sometimes notice the roller ball stick a bit, but nothing serious. I like the design of the packaging, which made me think of freshness and that is exactly what the deodorant delivers. No complaints at all about the product itself . . . the scent lasts all day, keeps away any sign of BO, doesn't leave you feeling wet or sticky and most importantly to me, doesn't interfere with my perfume!! I would buy this product!"

Keep reading . . .zepudding said:

"Absolutely love this product!  I have very sensitive skin and especially after shaving I am wary of putting deodorant on. There was no stinging sensation when I put it on and it’s very gentle. It also smells fantastic but does not overpower my perfume. I feel nice and fresh all day long. The only small problem I have is the packaging, I’m use to my one step twist and lock and when I’m in a rush I found myself just leaving this deodorant uncapped. But I would totally recommend this deodorant to anyone!"

Autumns_Elegy thought:

"I rather liked the Calm & Care product. Not only was it an awesome deodorant (if anything can handle 12 hours of running about I’m impressed), it smelled good and didn’t sting after I had shaved. It also didn’t leave ugly white marks all over my clothing. I don’t ask much of a deodorant, but this delivered heaps. My skin felt a little smoother after a while and shaving became easier, so I was pretty darn happy with the product."

Birdplane had this to say:

"A deodorant that actively helps regenerate skin after shaving? It seems so obvious I'm surprised no one else has done this, but that's where NIVEA's Calm & Care Roll-On comes in. It has a really pleasant, creamy texture that soothes my skin after shaving and a nice, subtle smell that doesn't overpower my senses. I'm a gym rat and spend six days a week there working up a sweat, and this product held up beautifully — I didn't worry about how I smelled and it helped keep my perspiration at bay. Best of all, NIVEA Calm & Care Roll-On has no alcohol so it doesn't sting if I use it straight after shaving. A must-have for any bathroom cabinet!"

Blondie1973 said:

"The first thing I noticed was the lovely bottle. I loved the colours and nice labelling — very natural looking. I loved the scent: very pleasant and fresh, not too overpowering. I think it's a suitable scent for all ages too, my 13-year-old daughter loved it. It was very easy to apply to underarms. There's NO STINGING when applying it after shaving either, which surprised me. There wasn't any stickiness or staining either, just a fresh fragrance that lasts for ages. I recommend this to everyone that wants to smell fresh and lovely, whether they're young or old."

Here's what Teek727 thought of it:

"Since I don’t use anti-perspirants, I gave this one to my boyfriend to try. He reported that it was a pretty good deodorant that does its job reasonably well, without the irritation he can sometimes get with underarm deodorants. Apparently the scent was OK, perhaps a little on the girly/floral side — I smelled it too and thought it was pleasant, slightly soapy and with that underlying NIVEA cream smell. Overall a nice deodorant, perhaps more suited to females than males."

Poni said:

"I think the performance of this roll on is good. It applies gently, especially after shaving. It kept me feeling fresh. Even though it has some natural ingredients (avocado oil and witch hazel), it still contains some chemicals so I will finish the bottle I have but would rather go back to my regular aluminium free roll on I have been using for the last five years."

Unicorn73 had this to say:

"I really enjoyed using the NIVEA Calm & Care deodorant, and found it to be very effective. It glided on easily and kept me fresh all day. It didn't dry out like some other deodorants on the market, because of the nourishing qualities that act as a moisturiser (what a great idea!). The scent was indeed calming and pleasantly fragrant. I'd recommend this to all woman (especially those with sensitive skin) as a great all-round anti-perspirant."

melt said:

"My underarms are quite sensitive and often get irritated after shaving so I was interested to try NIVEA Calm & Care. I had no problems using it after shaving — it was gentle and didn’t irritate my skin but was effective and kept me dry all day. I also like the fresh and subtle scent that doesn’t clash with my perfume. Will definitely continue to use it!"

purplechic said:

"I shave several times a week, so am always concerned about underarm skin damage and stinging upon deodorant application. However I had no issues with this deodorant — it did not sting and the condition of my skin improved with consecutive uses to feel more soft and smooth. My skin is in better condition now than it was prior to using this. The consistency is great, it’s not messy or tacky, absorbs readily and is an effective anti-perspirant. The fragrance is very fresh and pleasant.  My only dislike: the glass bottle; but overall a great product."

pigalou said:

"I am very, very active and often find in the afternoons I have to reapply deodorant, however this was not the case with NIVEA Calm & Care, I remained protected from odour all day even during physical activity. It was calming on my skin and I got no irritation which I sometimes do from deodorant. I found the scent soft and feminine and not too fake or overbearing. It is quite wet when you roll it on at first, not that I mind this, but I felt I had to let it dry a bit before putting clothes on. In saying that, it dried quickly and left no marks on clothing. Overall I liked the product, it really did keep me protected and I would purchase it again."

Jasmine1485 said:

"Calm & Care has a lovely, fresh fragrance, which isn't overpowering at all. It has a slight cooling, soothing sensation as you apply it, which is especially welcome after shaving. I found that there wasn't any irritation or stinging after shaving, and it actually helped reduce any existing irritation.  After a week of using Calm & Care, my underarm skin was softer and smoother than before, and it kept the area dry all day without leaving any white marks on my favourite clothes! The only (very minor) drawback is the heavy packaging, which doesn't make it suitable for throwing in your handbag."

bratzgirl said:

"I started using this product as soon as it arrived and have not stopped using it since. I love it because it is so silky smooth going on and there's no irritation at all. The scent is just enough but not overpowering. The packaging is simple but enough. The light green colour they use is very calming and soothing. I give this product 5/5. I have reccommended this to all my friends and family."

edlie said:

"NIVEA Calm and Care definitely softened, smoothed and soothed my underarms, and was especially nice after shaving. Has a soft but lovely fragrance. But sadly it doesn't offer the confident protection a busy career girl needs! One that I will keep using at night though — my underarm skin is looking and feeling lovely."

glossqueen said:

"I have very sensitive underarms and have a lot of trouble finding deodorant's that don't irritate me. I've been happily using NIVEA's Calm and Care with no irritation. I've used the roll-on version and love it. Despite being a gentle deodorant, it's also effective and keeps me smelling fresh and odour-free even during exercise. I can use this straight after shaving without any stinging or redness. If you have sensitive pits this deodorant is worth a try."

lafashionista78 said:

"The NIVEA Calm & Care deodorant is a winner for me in my eyes. I liked the fact that this deodorant allowed me to apply it after shaving, normally when I shave my armpits I can’t apply deodorant straight away because of the stinging but when using this deodorant, the sting was gone. Maybe it’s due to the fact that it has zero alcohol!  It has a fresh mild smell that I liked and it did keep me fresh all day. And there are no white marks either on black clothes.  Because it's a roll-on I found that it didn’t dry as quickly as the spray ones. Also the glass bottle may be dangerous if you drop it accidently."

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