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Reviews of the Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Face Wash and Scrub

Reader Reviews: Neutrogena® Oil-Free Acne Stress Control™

Today is the second instalment from our Reader Review Panel. In case you missed the first one, here's a lil' recap: the Reader Review Panel is a group of everyday guys and girls (OK, mainly girls) who we've asked to try some product for us/you. How do we all benefit from this wonderful scheme? Well, my skin (and typing hands) get a rest for a second, and you, well you get to see what "real women" think about it. Then you might go, hang on a tickety-boo, that sounds like it will suit me, too! See we're all about the matchmaking business here.

They tried the Neutrogena® Oil-Free Acne Stress Control™ Power-Cream Wash and Neutrogena® Oil-Free Acne Stress Control™ Power-Clear Scrub™ ($14.99 each) for us and this is what they thought . . .

Piccolanippy said:

"I LOVE these two products; they both have such a nice, tingling cooling effect right after I wash them off. And since I've been using them both I haven't had any pimples! The Power-Clear Scrub has made my skin so soft and smooth while the Power-Cream Wash has made my skin so clean and free from breakouts or pimples. They are both amazing products and I would definitely recommend them!"

Keep reading . . .Theloveofpink had this to say:

"I didn't like the wash as a makeup remover, but as a cleanser it's awesome. The cucumber scent is very refreshing, the thick creamy texture still feels very nourishing and I even love this more than Neutrogena's Deep Clean Cream cleanser. It felt very gentle but gave me a lovely clean feeling. After using this for awhile, I noticed my skin definitely looking more even and it helped clear up some persistent, evil acne that I was harbouring on my jaw line. The thing I loved about the scrub was that it just felt so ridiculously gentle on my skin. Sure, you can still feel that it's a scrub but it doesn't feel like it's stripping your skin raw. It didn't feel so gentle that it was ineffective, it still made my skin feel soft and smooth afterwards. It didn't exacerbate any breakouts I had and was the perfect 'primer' to my face masks."

Kimberliew said:

"I was pleasantly surprised by both products. As they are targeted for preventing acne (which I do not suffer from), I thought the products would be harsh on my skin, but they had the opposite effect, thanks to the inclusion of green tea and cucumber. After using the scrub, my skin felt softer and my pores were noticeably smaller. The Power-Cream Wash was my favourite product. I found that leaving it on my skin for a few minutes achieved the best results, leaving my skin clean, soft and clear. I would definitely recommend these products as they not only represent great value for money, but live up to their objectives."

Keep reading. . .Unicorn73 thought:

"I found this thick, creamy wash from Neutrogena provided a great, satisfying deep clean. The mild fragrance was pleasant and I found with continued use, my skin did appear clearer and healthier. Overall, a great performing face wash that I'd certainly get again! I'm loving Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Power-Clear Scrub, too! From the relaxing green tea and cucumber fragrance to the satisfying consistency that gives my skin a truly great scrub, this hard-working product really gave fantastic results. I love that it prevents acne before it emerges, too. This product is definitely becoming a regular in my skincare routine!"

Purplechic had this to say:

"Acne Stress Control™ Power-Cream Wash is a rich creamy cleanser with minimal/no lather, gentle on the skin, with fresh cucumber scent and cooling sensation of menthol. My skin felt smooth without feeling dry. It is better suited without makeup on as it isn’t formulated to remove it. Personally, I think it's better suited as a targeted treatment cleanser following my regular cleanser, on days when my skin feels congested and aggravated due to a breakout. The scrub has a creamy rich texture which provides a slight lather and distributes easily over the face. It doesn't slip off like some scrubs do and the microbeads effectively exfoliate the skin and reduce blackheads, without being harsh. My skin felt smooth, clearer and less congested after use, and didn't feel tight or dry. The cucumber scent is pleasant and fresh and the menthol provides a cool invigorating feeling."

Nix1 said:

"I’ve used this face wash for about a week now and was pleasantly surprised at how great my skin felt. Although the product comes out really thick and can take a bit of work to wash it all off, I loved the fresh feeling I got after using it and how light and cool my face felt. My skin generally looks and feels healthier now as a result of this. I really liked the scrub. I loved the texture of the microbeads, the creaminess of it and how fresh and clean my skin felt after using. I felt the product was really effective as it seemed to exfoliate really deep down and after using it just once, my skin was much softer and smoother. The lightness of the scrub was great for my sensitive skin as it didn't end up tingling or making my skin feel dry and flaky."

Here's what joey2608 thought of it:

"I was quite impressed with the Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Range. I’m ecstatic that this range of products is helping my oily, blemish-prone skin and isn’t drying it out at the same time. I would definitely continue to use these products and recommend them to others who are looking for a product that not only cleans and refreshes but also moisturises and de-stresses. The wash felt velvety on my skin, like it was moisturising as I cleansed; I also got a cool, refreshing feel over my skin as I was using it. Only the smallest amount was required to work up a nice lather which also makes it value for money. Again, I found this scrub had an extremely creamy and velvety feel over the skin and only a small amount was required. After use, my skin felt clean, fresh, and ‘cool’. The tiny beads in the scrub gently exfoliated and were gentle on my sensitive skin."

Deja Voodoo said:

"Neutrogena's Power-Cream Wash is a great inexpensive wash that leaves your face feeling deeply cleansed. This is due to the inclusion of salicylic acid in Neutrogena's formula which will leave you face with a slight tingling and invigorating feeling. It will definitely help in preventing breakouts. Neutrogena's Power-Clear Scrub contains microbeads which help scrub away oil and dirt in congested pores. The microbeads are gentle on the face and it's mild enough to be used every few days. Although it's gentle, it's surprisingly effective in giving may face a deep cleanse. The inclusion of salicylic acid and the scrub's fresh scent leaves my face feeling revitalised."

Mei had this to say:

"I alternated usage of the products for a week. I loved the scrub, but disliked the cream wash. After I used the scrub, my skin appeared more even-toned and was super smooth. The only downside was the stinging sensation it left, though that faded quickly. The cream wash left my skin feeling greasy and was otherwise quite unremarkable. I didn’t have any blemishes while I was using the Neutrogena system, but my skin is generally pretty clear."

Nessabella said:

"This is has to be the best wash that I have ever used on my face. It leaves my face very soft and refreshed. It is such a great combination with the Power-Clear Scrub. I have really enjoyed using this product and it will becoming a staple in my daily routine. I really liked the scent of the scrub, which is green tea and cucumber. I also really liked the soft tingling feeling that it gave my skin. After one week of using the scrub, I noticed that my face was really soft and refreshed. My skin has the tendency to become oily in the QLD climate, especially in the T-zone, but I found that this product really kept that at bay."

Dazychain said:

"I have used many face cleansing products over the last few years and nothing has come close to the Neutrogena Acne Stress Control scrub and wash for clear and fresh-feeling skin. After only a few days of using both products, I noticed a huge difference in my skin which is usually prone to breaking out. The cream wash feels great to use; I love its freshness and there isn't any irritation or drying afterwards. It moisturises without leaving my skin oily and has eliminated the odd pimple I was used to getting. The scrub I use every other day and it's really gentle but works hard on removing oil. This stuff seriously works.” "

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