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Reviews of Neutrogena's Oil-Free Acne Wash by The Sugar Spotlight on BellaSugar Australia

In the Sugar Spotlight: NEUTROGENA® Oil-Free Acne Wash

The first round of Sugar Spotlight reviewers gave NEUTROGENA®'s Oil-Free Acne Wash two thumbs up, with one member of our review team saying it left her skin feeling "clean and refreshed". Here's what our next round of reviewers, including Emma, had to say!

"The gorgeous jelly-like nature of this cleanser made it a joy to use and the fresh scent was not overwhelming. My skin felt soft and comforted after use and I found it worked well without drying out any pre-existing blemishes I had. I skipped a few days while trialling this and found that the texture of my skin began returning to its previous state, so a daily wash is minimum for this baby to be most potent. I appreciate that an acne wash exists that's fun and actually works without drying out the skin or adding any extra oil! Thanks Neutrogena! — Emma

Read on for more reviews from the Sugar Spotlight team!

"Thanks for sending me the Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash to trial! I have been using the product for a few weeks now and I have noticed that my breakouts became gradually more infrequent and less irritated. While my skin did become a little dry in parts, I persevered and continued to use the face wash and Neutrogena Healthy Defence Daily Moisturiser SPF 30+ for combination skin and my dry patches also decreased! I will continue to use the product as it's definitely working for me! Thanks again." — Nicole

"I've tried various acne face washes over the years, including Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash but I don't think I have ever really given them a good enough go, so when they didn't work after a week or so, I usually gave up. When Bella sent me the product to trial, I thought it was a good time to give it a fair go. After a few weeks I have seen an improvement in my skin, so I have stuck with it and already told some friends with similar skin issues to try it. Thanks Bella!" — Tracey

"The Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash came in a handy pump bottle and was inexpensive. After trying it the first time, I did not really like it. It contains two percent salicylic acid which should help clear up congestion and blemishes. It did clean up the oil and my face looks very clean after the wash. However, I found the face wash a bit too harsh for my combination skin. My skin felt fine immediately after washing, but became very dry after patting away the excess water. I think this product would work well in summer, and I would probably recommend this product to people with very oily skin type." — Fay

"Since my sister and I both suffer from blemishes and breakouts, especially hormonal ones, so I thought it would be good for us to both trial the Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash. We both trialled it for two solid weeks, using it morning and night, and I noticed a big difference in my skin, with my pimples looking less "infected," and I loved how tight my pores felt after using it. My lucky sister had the best results, with her pimples clearing up after only a few days of use.We both did have to use a thicker moisturiser to prevent our skin from drying out in patches, but overall I was happy with the product." — Amy

"I found the wash to be gentle and the smell was quite lovely at first. For the first week, it was great and I was practically blemish-free! However, now that I'm onto the second week, I have some significant (and noticeable!) pimples that have popped up over the last few days, so I am disappointed these spots have still managed to come through. Also, in the last few days, my skin has become itchy and scaly. All in all, I’m not sure I would purchase in the future." — Valerie

"I have been using the Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash for a little over a week now. It has definitely helped to clear up the acne on my face but I don’t like the other effects it has on my skin. It has totally dried my skin out and also made it very sensitive – when applying moisturiser I had a burning sensation in certain areas. My skin also feels very "hard," not soft like it would normally be. I don’t think I would buy this product as I think it is too harsh for the skin." — Allaina

"I actually really liked using Neutrogena's Oil-Free Acne Wash. My skin has been a bit of a mess lately as I've been really stressed out, and have noticed more and more pimples coming up. This product came at the best time! The best part about this wash was that my skin felt really clean after using it, as though I could really feel the product working. I've noticed an improvement so I'll keep using it as I believe the longer I use it for, the better my skin will get." — Alexandra

"The face wash smelt super fresh and felt nice on my skin. Whilst I have oily skin this did leave my face feeling a little dry, however the number of breakouts I got on my forehead (the usual problem area for me) reduced. I think this is good to use when my skin is particularly bad, rather than everyday." — Luis


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