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Reviews of Neutrogena WAVE® Blackhead Eliminating Pads

Reader Reviews: Neutrogena WAVE® Blackhead Eliminating Pads

Today the Reader Review Panel peeps are revealing what they thought about Neutrogena WAVE® Blackhead Eliminating Pads ($11.99) . . .

gidgetjc said:

"I loved it! I was sceptical about trying it as it looks like it could hurt and be completely non-effective BUT it was like magic. Although it doesn't foam as much as the ad shows, it still works wonders. My cheeks were immediately soft, insanely soft! It's the ultimate exfoliator without the harsh scrubs and exfoliating beads. Not to mention, my face felt instantly fresh! It's a great cleanser! I don't have that many blackheads so I'm not sure if I felt a difference between the normal pads and the special blackhead eliminating pads, but from what it seemed my nose felt smooth and fresh! I'd definitely keep using this product."

Keep reading . . .Theloveofpink had this to say:

"I honestly thought these would be so abrasive and possibly scratch my skin like a mofo. WRONG. They were surprisingly gentle and left me incredibly impressed—they made a visible difference! I think the key is consistency; it took me regular use to see small results. I am quite sensitive and these didn’t irritate me in any way which is always a bonus. I didn’t think there was much foaming action but it was definitely gritty—excellent! My skin definitely felt smoother."

Jasmine1485 said:

"After the first use, the Neutrogena Wave gave me smooth, soft skin that I just couldn't stop touching!  Unfortunately, by the third day, my skin began to be irritated, with some redness and pimples.  I stuck by it, but it continued to worsen over the next few days. The Blackhead Eliminating pads did reduce the appearance of some of my blackheads, but didn't get rid of them entirely.  Perhaps it would have if I'd been able to continue using the Wave and pads but my skin was just too sensitive for it."

DejaVoodoo thought:

"Using the Neutrogena Wave with the Blackhead Eliminating Pads has really improved the texture of my skin. It has left my face feeling very smooth and deeply cleansed. The vibration from the Wave was not only relaxing, but also helped to remove dirt and makeup from the surface of my skin. The salicylic acid, which is infused in the pads, also aided in flushing out my pores of any additional build-up and helped in preventing blackheads."

Zepudding had this to say:

"The device is very easy to use, attach the pad to the device and push the button to turn it on. If you have seen the commercial for this you would expect the cleanser to foam up and there would be a lot of suds. So I felt disappointed whilst using it. However as a cleanser it works very well! After washing my face I used a wet cotton bud with some baby oil to see if I had any foundation/makeup left on my face but it was clean. My blackheads however, after two weeks of use, have remained the same. But I will continue to use this product as my face feels very clean after each use."

Maccah said:

"I liked the first Wave, I thought it was a great concept but I really wanted deeper exfoliation as I suffer from clogged pores around my nose and chin so I was excited to trial the new Blackhead Eliminating Pads. The pads don’t feel gritty like my normal scrub so they’re gentle enough to use each day. Initially it seemed to take forever to foam up, but after about a minute or so there was quite a bit of frothy foam that I worked into my skin with the Wave. It can be a bit tricky around the nose as the shape is quite awkward but you soon get used to it. Afterwards my skin felt so smooth, I was really impressed. It wasn’t tight at all and after using it for a few weeks I’ve noticed an improvement in my pores. The packs are great as you get 30 pads so they last you about a month. I’d recommend to anyone who was looking for a way to get rid of blackheads."

Here's what Birdplane thought of it:

"Where do I begin? At first I thought this product was nothing but a gimmick, how could it possibly replace my dermatologist with her scary instruments? But after using it every day, I have to say it's made a huge difference to the pores on my nose and chin. Us girls with oily skin know there's little one can really do about completely eliminating blackheads, especially if you have large pores like me, but I found that using Neutrogena's Blackhead Eliminating Pads with my Neutrogena Wave helped keep my blackheads at a minimum, and below the surface so they weren't as visible. A major plus is the vibrating action of the Wave actually helped exfoliate away the dry skin flakes that always manage to creep up around my nose even after a stringent exfoliation routine."

Nix1 said:

"I’ve used this with the Blackhead Eliminating Pads for about over a week now and while I’m not sure if it helps to prevent blackheads in the long run, it did make my skin feel softer and smoother after just one use. The pads were gentle enough for me to use every day as it provided the right amount of exfoliation without damaging my skin but I found that I needed to heavily moisturise after as it was quite drying. Overall it’s a great, easy to use product."

MissCharlieBrown had this to say:

"I’m not too sure what to make of this product. Sure, for the most part it helped keep my skin clear and very soft.  But the device felt a little rough to use and seemed to take forever to actually wash my face since it didn’t foam very well. Plus, it seems a little expensive to refill. I'll finish using the product I have, but whether I buy a new batch is another matter."

Teek727 said:

"It was straightforward and easy to use; the massaging motion was pleasant, and the pads convenient. I’d hoped it would help reduce the stubborn blackheads on my nose as it contained salicylic acid and thought the vibration might loosen them, unfortunately I didn’t notice a reduction. However my skin felt more evenly textured, smooth and very clean – in fact a bit too dry and tight afterwards. It was an OK product, not one I would recommend for those with dry or sensitive skin. Pros: Decent size and shape to grip; battery was still going after two weeks of daily use; cleansed quite well; seemed to improve the texture of my skin. Cons: Needed to use another cleanser around the eye area; made my skin feel quite dry and tight after use; contained ingredients (eg. SLS) that I don’t like to use."

Piccolanippy said:

"I found this product worked really well on my skin. I found my skin was a lot clearer after using this and saw an improvement within a few days of using it; it made my blackheads less noticeable. The pads were really foamy and had a nice scent to them, they were also gentle on the skin. After using them my skin felt cleansed and refreshed. I'd definitely recommend them to my friends."

Lafashionista78 said:

"I have used the Neutrogena Wave before with its normal pads and was so very excited to try the blackhead eliminating pads!  I have blackheads on my nose which I wanted to get rid of so this product was perfect for me. Just like the normal pads, the blackhead eliminating pads get foamy with water. They have a bumpy texture with a fresh smell that I don't mind at all. After using it on my face in conjuction with the wave, especially around my nose, I did feel that my skin was clean and refreshed. After a few week’s use, I did notice that my blackheads had lessened, although not completely disappeared, but I am happy with the results so far. I give it a thumbs up."

Missy1632 said:

"I do LOVE the Power Cleanser! You really feel that the vibration effect is enabling a deeper than usual cleansing action. The blackhead eliminating pads are quite effective. My nose is my trouble area, and I could see a difference within the first week of trying the product. My pores got smaller of the course of my trial, which I am very happy about. I would definitely purchase a refill of the pads."

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