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Reviews of Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips on BellaSugar Australia

In the Sugar Spotlight: Sally Hansen Real Nail Polish Strips!

So you've already read what some of our BellaSugar readers have had to say about the innovative Sally Hansen Salon Effects™ Real Nail Polish Strips, and as they couldn't stop raving about the product — best thing since sliced bread, they said — we wanted to hear some more reviews! Check out what Kate and co. had to say now.

"I haven't been this excited about a nail product in some time! I was worried that nail polish strips wouldn't work on short nails. But I needn't have been so worried, as they were not only easy to apply on my shorter nails, but looked better and brighter than I could have imagined. I still received compliments a week later, upon which the first sign of wear was only minimal. I can't wait to view the rest of the range!" — Kate

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"As one of the world’s worst self-manicurists I was pleasantly surprised to find these provided a really nice solution! The flower designs are cute and had people wondering who I’d had slaving away hand drawing them on my nails. I was able to apply the stickers lounging on my couch and any overshoot on the skin around my nails I could file off (unlike nail polish). Work colleagues were surprised at the quality of my home mani. My only minor criticism is that it takes a bit of time to get right but I’d say this would get faster with practice." — Tamara

"Nail polish has changed very little through the ages — sure it can shatter now, it lasts longer, the brushes are bigger; but that’s all pretty minor, right? Well ladies, the nail polish we once knew has undergone a transformation. The brush has been given the flick, no more strong overpowering smell and best of all, NO MORE WAITING! It’s as simple as choose, press and smooth for a salon-worthy manicure. Only downside, it takes a bit of practice but it’s well worth it for a 10-day mani." — Melanie

"As much as I love the look of pretty painted nails, I must admit sometimes it can be an annoying task. Skip forward to application time for these babies and patience wasn't something that I needed. The strips were so easy to use — simply peel them back, line up to your nail size, rub on and then file to shape. It was such a quick and simple alternative to nail polish and there was little room for error. The best part is that you get 16 in a pack so if you aren't happy with one you can retry. A product I will definitely try again!" — Emma

"This set is gives you a natural looking manicure and is a cheap alternative to a professional manicure. Available in several designs, it can put the finishing touch to any outfit. The application process is relatively easy — all you have to do is select a strip that suits your cuticle line and essentially peel, apply and shape. It can be quite time consuming but definitely worth it as it does really look like a professional manicure. Overall, this is the perfect DIY product for those who are a fan of nail art." — Shirley

"I love nail polish but when it comes to applying, the result is less of a manicure and more a nail polish warzone. That’s what makes these amazing! There’s more colours than you can count and they go on to your clean nails, so no drying time and therefore no smudges! Though I was dubious about them lasting 10 days, by day eight they were almost as new (the exception being annoying nail growth). The only downside is I found they are too difficult to apply on your own, but if you have a willing friend it’s no problem." — Alexandra

"The strips were easy to apply. The whole application took 10 minutes but with practice it can be done in around five. The strips didn’t fit my cuticle area particularly well but I would recommend them if you want a quick fix and are in a rush." — Kieu

"Although these strips take as long to put on as nail polish, they provide a much more professional look and patterns that aren't available out of a bottle. Freshly applied, my nails got compliments galore but within 36 hours of application they were looking a bit worse for wear. They weren’t too practical for a week of running around but would be wonderful for a night out on the town." — Danielle

"I wanted to like these a lot but unfortunately there was just too much fiddling around for ease of use. Instructions were clear enough, however most of the strips were way too big for my nails, forcing me to manually trim them. They lasted only a few before starting to peel back, but on the plus side, they did look rather fetching on (I had a hound's-tooth pattern), and I received compliments from pretty much every person who noticed my hands over the weekend." — Naoibh

"The idea of the strips was good, however when I tried them it wasn't that fantastic — when putting them on, even though I followed the instructions and did it very carefully, the strips didn't seem to be able to stick on without making folds, making the finished result appear uneven. It also appears without any gloss, so for me it looked dull. I'll stick to regular nail polish for now!" — Andrea

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