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Rihanna Reveals That She'll Only Use Old "Russian" Bikini Waxers to Avoid Being Recognised!

Waxing Lyrical: Do You Chat to Your Bikini Waxer or Not?

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When we stumbled across this video of Rihanna, we felt for the flame-haired singer. While there are many benefits to being an A-lister (the clothes, the jewels . . . sigh), having a waxer talk to you about life as a mega-famous popstar while waxing your bikini line is not one of them. I'm sure RiRi was real keen on talking about what Eminem was like in real life and singing "Umbrella" while getting a Brazilian. Seriously I cannot think of anything worse than chatting while getting a wax. I'd rather scratch my eyes out. Fo' real. Waxing isn't exactly pain-free and someone asking what I'm up to after this or who I want to win X Factor makes me feel like I'm the only person in the world who finds waxing painful. I'm on Team Rihanna. Less chat, more wax. But Sugar HQ is divided. Some like mindless chit-chat. Some don't. How's about you?

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