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Roundup of Reader Comments on BellaSugar Australia 2010-10-23 20:00:00

The Best of Bella: What Had You Talking This Week

We love hearing your thoughts on the biggest stories of the week. Whether it was about the hottest hair hue of the moment or the issue or hairy underarms, here's what had you talking this week . . .

You guys agree that redheads are red hot:

"I'm a redhead too. Thanks Bella for posting these photos up, it's always so hard to find good makeup combinations (especially lipstick) for pale skin/red hair." — birdplane

"My vote goes to Miss Hendricks. It's ridiculous how obsessed I am with this show. Makes me wanna live in the '60s with all that cute hair and gorgeous dresses!" — daysofourlives

Yep, maintaining a perfect manicure can be hard:

"If I get a chip, I usually start all over again... not usually a week later though, maybe a day or two. Once I get a chip, I tend to lose interest in 'being careful' so once one is chipped, they all follow suit and it's not long 'til I NEED a whole new mani. Haha" — missy1632

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Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Aid has you licking your lips in anticipation:

"That date is now in my diary; I LOVE lanolips and one that tastes like lemonade and has lemon goodness in it... wooooo! I read yesterday that Dannii Minogue uses Lanolips... that certainly explains her luscious lips!!!" — Edlie

We were discussing Kristen Stewart’s lips but you noticed her tan:

"Gorgeous girl but I can't help but think she looks slightly orange in the pic with the bold red lip? Maybe it's because I'm not used to seeing this look on her. Regardless she is a stunning girl." — willowtree

Your thoughts on going makeup-free at night:

"I wouldn't! I'll happily forgo the foundation, powers, lipcolours and blush, but I'm never caught dead without eyeliner." — Autumns_Elegy

A bit of underarm hair is nothing to make a big deal about:

"Bah, it's just hair. Do we all always have hair-free armpits every single day? I sure don't and don't care about whether I've to go to work or not. Also, you'd never see Hilary Swank's hair unless sticking a camera in her armpits, and if someone wants to do that I guess it's their problem not hers..." — Advah

Your thoughts on Kanye West’s diamond teeth:

"Ew ew ew! I can kinds get why celebs get gold caps, but having your actual teeth removed? I'd like to see him when he's 80 and has platinum dentures." — Autumns_Elegy

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