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Roundup of Reader Comments on BellaSugar Australia 2010-11-06 18:00:00

The Best of Bella: What Had You Talking This Week

On this lovely sunny Sunday we thought we'd bring you a bit of a wrap-up of the biggest and best stories featured here on BellaSugar this week. Nothing pleases us more than hearing your thoughts on celeb's beauty looks, trends and the newest products to hit the shelves. Here's what had you talking this week . . .

You're excited we're giving away FREE Magnum Tempation ice creams to celebrate our 1st birthday and told us what had you TEMPTED on BellaSugar:

"Ice cream — Meow!!! . . . Happy 1st Anniversary to Sugar Network!!!!.Hooray!!! Totally In love with Katy Perry's new purrfume. It's such an adorable precious bottle design and colour. Purple the royalty and mysterious colour. Would definitely fit into my purrrrrrr-fect purrfume bottles collection." — Cingywingy

Keep reading . . ."I have to say, being a fan of all beauty things, that I'm DYING to get my hands on the 21 days till Xmas advent calendar that was full of gorgeous mini beauty treats like Chanel No5 perfume! But it's only available at the London superstore who is selling them. BOO!" — Edlie

You think Katy Perry's new perfume is Purr-fect:

"I agree — it's unique and is something you'd expect from Katy Perry. Like you wouldn't associate a floral/elegant design with her — she's more quirky and funky. I actually like the bottle — if I like the scent then I'd definitely buy it." — Purplechic

"I love it! I think it's adorable!" — Missy1632

Keep reading . . .

You though Ricki-Lee looked HOT at the Melbourne Cup:

"She looks so beautiful." — Autumns Elegy

"I agree she looks so radiant! Love her outfit." — zepudding

You thought Hawko went a tad OTT with the fake tan:

"Sooo wrong! Talk about fake tan gone wrong . . . she needs some ModelCo action." — AudreyHepburn1

You clever gals are just like my idol Kate Moss and cut your own fringe:

"Cutting a fringe is easy, as long as you do it right. All you do is separate your fringe-to-be into like 5 chunks and in succession, twist them in one direction, and cut straight across. That'll give you her cut. It's not that know your own hair haha. If you don't (cowlick, curly etc) put down those scissors." — HannrKelley

"I have, twice. The first time looked rad, somehow I got it the right length, and shape. The second time looked like I'd gone mental with a hedge trimmer. Needless to say I was at the salon the next day."— Autumns_Elegy

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