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Roundup of Reader Comments on BellaSugar Australia 2010-11-27 13:00:00

What Had You Talking This Week: Mohawks, Oprah and More!

The celebs ruled the red carpet at the American Music Awards this week, Taylor Swift got a fringe, and the festive season is well underway at Sugar HQ! We've been telling you about the best beauty products plus the information for achieving that perfect party look. Here's what you had to say . . .

Ke$ha's mohawk gote everyone sharing stories:

"I once did one with loads of hair lacquer and a blowdryer. My hairdresser saw some guy do one with Aquadere (super strong glue)." — Autumns_Elegy

Kelly Osbourne does Dolly:

"For a split second I thought this was Dolly Parton" — Birdplane

Keep reading . . .Tay-Tay answered our prayers and finally changed it up!:

"She looks stunning here. Love the fringe!!!" — Dejavoodoo

"She looks gorgeous here! She should definitely do this more often" — Birdplane

You found it odd that this celeb was using a fork to pluck her false eyelashes out of her coffee; less weird that they were in there to start with:

"Wondering why she's using a fork with her coffee . . ." — Birdplane

"She probably was in her kitchen, so went to the cutlery drawer and got a fork to fish it out . . ." — Biarose

We may have missed out on Oprah tickets, but we can get skin just like her:

"Great packaging, and a jar full of hope. Love it." — Bertieboo

"The packaging is très adorable." — Birdplane

"Would love to try it, but prefer using products that have been tried and tested before applying them to my face. I wouldn't want to get an awful reaction because I bought it just for the Oprah name. Have to admit Philosophy has a great reputation for skincare and would love to give this one a go." — Bestmelody

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