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Roundup of Reader Comments on BellaSugar Australia 2010-12-04 13:00:59

What Had You Talking This Week: Red Lips, Xmas and More!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! I'm feelin' all festive this week peeps, and there's a definite buzz of party season about town. We're back on the Christmas Gift Guide bandwagon and still stalking those perfect party looks! Here's what had you talking this week

You agree MAC's Christmas cards for a cause are uber cute and worthwhile:

"Christmas cards are definitely a thing of the past and it's really sad. There's nothing better than hanging a string and filling it with cards. I have just purchased some cards that support animal welfare so not only will someone be receiving a cute card, but it is also supporting a good cause. Thank you BellaSugar for this post, it truly is a great one and I hope many other BellaSugar readers are inspired to send a nice gesture to their loved ones while supporting a fantastic cause." — Willowtree

Keep reading . . .Candle lovers unite for this divine Glasshouse Christmas candle:

"Shiny and gorgeous!" — Birdplane

"Glasshouse candles are AMAZING! Such value for money and the scents are absolutely to die for!" — Tandela

To use mascara or not? That is the question:

"On the runway I can see why they'd choose no mascara. It's a certain look, really playing down the eyes. Long, dark lashes draw attention. Usually when regular people go au natural though, they wear a little mascara, maybe in a brown, or clear!" — Biarose

"I go without mascara all the time, but with it, it's definitely prettier. The natural look on these ladies is nice for a change" — Daysofourlives

You want to live life to the fullest. Literally:

"I have very fine hair and I have to wash it every day, too, as it gets so limp and 'blerg'. I've spent countless $$$$$ on every shampoo and conditioner with the words 'body' and 'full' in them. But this sounds great and like it actually works!!! So that's going on my Chrissie present list for myself ;)" — Edlie

You all take a solemn vow to attempt a bold, red lip. Go on, you know you want to!:

"Bella I'd love to wear red lipstick for my xmas party, but I'm a red lipstick wearing newbie!!! I'm very pale, naturally blonde (but currently brunette) with green eyes—I don't know which red to pick, or how to wear it so it looks like Marilyn instead of just weird!!!!" — Edlie

"Oh Bella, I'd love to be able to wear it, but I'm not that tanned. I'm not totez pale either, but am worried I won't pull it off! What sort of clothing calls for a red lip?"— Daysofourlives

"Love, love, love a red lip! I use MAC's Lady Danger and Napoleon Xenia. The MAC is more of an orangey-red and the Napoleon more berrylicious. It makes you feel instantly glamorous and feminine at the same time, and if you feel great, you look great! Surely that's what attracts the men? You do need to be prepared to duck off for regular touch ups though." — Willowtree

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