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Rumour Alert: Is Julia Restoin Roitfeld Getting Her Own Fragrance?

JRR's Next Step to World Beauty Domination: Launch a Scent!

So there's a rumour circulating on la Interweb right now that Julia Restoin Roitfeld is about to get her own fragrance. Uh huh. Currently she's the face of Jil Sander and the soon-to-be-released Jil Sander Sensual so she's already had her first foray into the fragrance world, but this would be the first scent that she's designed. Elle reported that she was "so excited!" to be on her way to a fragrance factory to start the process, but the tweet has since disappeared from her account, which suggests that she's either not allowed to talk about it so early on, or that it's not true. We're hoping it's not the latter. Would you like to see this Lancôme lady with a perfume of her own? Or do you think there's already too many 'sleb scents out there?

Stockists: Jil Sander fragrances (1800 812 663).

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