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This Gorgeous New Salmon Hair Instagram Trend Might Make You Very Hungry

When we think of food-inspired hair trends, a lot of fruit comes to mind. There's peach hair, tangerine hair, Starburst hair ( . . . sort of counts, right?). Why should one food group get all of the fun? Luckily, hair color just expanded to include the fruit of the sea, because LA colorist Jessica Gonzalez just created salmon sushi hair. Now we can all let our sushi addiction radiate through our hair — yum!

Gonzalez told HelloGiggles all about the hue, saying that she mixed Pravana's rose gold dye with orange, yellow, and pink. The trend was born when Gonzalez slightly tweaked her client's request. "She wanted a peachy colour and she was really tan, so I wanted to make it peachy with pink undertones. We came up with the salmon sushi name once we started applying it," the stylist explained.

If this colour leaves you wanting to order sushi ASAP, let these other salmon-inspired looks hold you over until lunch.

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