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Sarah Herron Interview | SheLift

This Woman Is Proof Your Body Shouldn't Define Your Abilities

Sarah Herron is a stunningly beautiful woman. With long, flowing hair and "husky eyes," as they've been called, it's hard not to be hypnotised by her looks. But like any woman, there's so much more to her than the superficial, especially when she's got a heart of gold and ambition to burn.

You might recognise Sarah, a Denver native, from Sean Lowe's season of The Bachelor. The beauty made a splash on the show due to her positive attitude, and as a result, she received the first one-on-one rose. Sarah was born with one arm, and she joined us on Pretty Unfiltered to discuss how she's been able to exceed her own expectations, plus why she started SheLift, a non-profit that helps girls "conquer personal obstacles." The first retreat in 2017 will focus on women with physical disabilities.

Sarah noticed that as she tried new things, like skiing or climbing a mountain, that her confidence skyrocketed. "I discovered that, after I came off The Bachelor, and people were wanting to see more and more stories of my life, I wanted to give them inspiration," said Sarah. "If I'm capable of doing things I didn't previous know I was able to do, that they were capable also." Sarah challenged herself physically by hiking and skiing, learning that with every milestone she hit, she became more confident. And with that, she created SheLift.

Check out the full episode to learn more about Sarah and her mission, and be sure to let us know your favourite part of the interview in the comments. If you'd like to help SheLift raise its goal of $131,000 — it's currently at $45,000 — donate here.

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