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Sarah Jessica Parker Tells ELLE Magazine That She'd Rather Age Naturally Than Look Like a "Lunatic"

Sarah Jessica Parker: I Don't Want to Look Like a "Lunatic"

Umm, you're probably wondering why Sarah Jessica Parker's talking about looking like a crazy person, right? Well, it's to do with ageing. Ahhh. Makes sense now, yes? Yes. Hold on. No. Please explain. Sigh. OK. There's this little place called Hollywood, see, and it's a funny little frog of a place. We love it because it's filled with glamorous people. But some of them are SO scared of looking old that they do all these fandangled things to their face to make themselves look young again. Like super young. Like younger than they looked when they were actually young. Huh. So ELLE was hanging with Sarah Jessica, interviewing her for its January issue about the twins and Halston and they asked how she felt about the whole 'getting old' thing and she said . . .

“I don’t know what I can do about the ageing. Yes, I am ageing. Oh my God, I’m ageing all the time. It’s like those flowers that wilt in front of you in time-lapse films. But what can I possibly do? Look like a lunatic?”

So that's how not looking like a lunatic came about. And Sarah Jessica, we doubt you'll ever wilt. But if you do, that's OK. Because we'd much rather look at you and see the real you, than look at you and sigh, "She used to be Carrie Bradshaw; now you can't even recognise her."

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