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Shaving Myths Busted

10 Shaving Myths Busted

Shaving can sometimes get a bad rap when it comes to best hair removal practices. Laser and waxing usually reign supreme, but what about those of us who have super sensitive skin? Or a very low pain threshold? Shaving is still a fast, easy and cheap alternative for removing unwanted hair, and done with the right type of blade and technique, will bring very pleasing results. We're sticking up for the blade and busting shaving myths, join us?

Shaving makes hair grow back faster
This is completely untrue! Your hair will always grow back the same colour it is naturally. Sometimes it can appear darker because the hair is shorter and more exposed. As it gets longer, it will appear lighter in colour.

Shaving makes hair grow back more coarse
Again, untrue. Short and stumpy hairs will always feel more coarse, but they're actually just spiky as they start to grow. When they get longer, they feel thinner.

New razors cut skin more easily
Sure the razor is somewhat sharper, but it's actually the excited pressure we put on our skin when we use a new razor that causes cuts. Old razors are actually worse when it comes to cuts as they can cause infections from the bacteria left on the blade.

Razors should be stored in the shower
Wrong! Razors need to be kept somewhere dry. They remain wet at all times in the shower and can be susceptible to bacteria growth not to mention rust.

Shave as soon as you get in the shower
This is simply untrue. You want to relax and soften the hair before shaving, so make it the last thing on your shower to-do list. The warm water will help things along.

More pressure means a closer shave
Not only wrong, but unsafe! The blades are designed and positioned to give you a close shave, applying pressure will only cause unwanted cuts.

It's OK to swim or go to the beach after shaving
The jury is still out on this one, but it really depends how sensitive your skin is, but also how hydrated. Shaving can make the skin feel dry, and then adding sand and salt water into the mix can cause a rash. Try to shave the day before to be safe.

It's fine to use deodorant straight after after shaving your underarms
If you have a natural, alcoholic and fragrance-free deodorant — then maybe. But most supermarket brands can cause irritation and inflame the skin. Try waiting an hour before applying.

Dry shaving is OK if you're in a rush
Never dry shave! It will only cause you problems like irritation and dry, flaky skin. When you think about it, putting a blade to the skin is quite traumatic already, don't make it worse by giving your skin no moisture or support.

Shaving delicate areas causes in-grown hairs
It isn't the hair removal process that causes nasty in-grown hairs, it's the condition of the surface of your skin. In-grown hairs are trapped hairs, so you need to exfoliate the areas you're removing hair from so the hair can pop back through easily.

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