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Should Australia Set the Bar for an Under 30s Solarium Ban?

A new bill has just been passed in California beginning from January 1 next year, banning anyone under the age of 18 from using solariums. This was a raise in the original age limit set at 14, with those ages 16-17 allowed to undergo tanning sessions with parental permission. It's hard not to make the link between frequenting tanning beds at an early age when you find out that melanoma is the most common cancer in females aged 15-29 years in Australia. It got us to thinking more about the ban on all Australian's under the age of 25 from solariums (which was to be put in to practice in April this year) and then anyone under the age of 30 banned from August. Unfortunately, the proposed regulations were deferred before the state election, with former Minister for Health Frank Sartor stating the law ". . . got submitted to the Premier's office, but I think basically it was a question of running out of time and the matter got deferred." With approximately 1600 Australians dying each year of skin cancer, do you agree that this is one law that should be kept in the forefront of peoples' minds?

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