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10 Beauty Rules I Really Wish I'd Known When I Was in My 20s

10 Beauty Rules I Really Wish I'd Known When I Was in My 20s
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When it comes to beauty, my 20s were a time of experimentation, fun, and sleeping in my makeup far too often. There wasn't a beauty fad that I didn't try, from tubing mascara to at-home glycolic masks. My skin went through the wars; my hair went from long to short and blonde to brunette. Nobody wants to think about the future at 25. But I'm ashamed to admit many of the bad habits I swore I'd get out of have followed me well into my 30s.

It's only in the past six months that I've started to realise I'm no longer in the era of "prevention," and there's nothing worse than discovering you're now the target market for anti-ageing creams! To help you avoid the same pitfalls, I'm sharing the 10 things I wish I'd known (or at least paid attention to) much earlier. Get into good habits in your 20s, and you're set for the rest of your life.

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