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Smooth Criminals: Meet the Botox Bandits Who Steal Facial Fillers

Smooth Criminals: Meet the Botox Bandits Who Jab and Run!

Police in New Zealand are currently searching for a woman they've dubbed the "Botox bandit" after she had $620 worth of injectables on July 28 — and then fled. But not before she's had her photo taken. Senior Constable Helen Mahon-Stroud of the Papanui police that it "beggars belief" that someone would flee after getting their photo taken, but this isn't the first time that it's happen. We tracked down some more "Botox bandits".

  • In October 2010 Melissa Chesney was sentenced to five years in prison for "committing fraud in search of a wrinkle-free face." Between February and May 2009, Melissa visited Orange Country spas 17 times using fake names and paying with cheques that bounced to purchase Botox and a variety of other spa treatments.
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  • In August last year, 29-year-old Maria Chrysson was arrested after allegedly stealing over US$4,000 worth of Botox, fillers and other cosmetic procedures from at least three Florida doctors. When it came to having her mugshot, she wanted it on record that she was "having a bad hair day." She was sentenced to two years probation.
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  • Kellie Thomas was arrested in June 2008 and charged with grand theft after failing to return with her credit card to pay her US$1,225 bill in Florida. At the time police spokesperson Robert Vega said Kellie was more concerned with her boyfriend finding out that she used fillers than the charges.
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  • In August 2007 the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office put out a plea to help them find the "Botox bandit" (aka Jaime Merk) who had skipped on an US$850 bill. She's on probabtion until 2012 thanks to a string of other offenses.
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  • Brisbane woman Julie Ann Villiers was sentenced back in 2005 for failing to pay for over $2,000 worth of Botox. She received a community service sentice but was back before the judges again, charged with fraud, after failing to pay for two hair treatments she got in '07. It soon emerged that Villiers had a lengthy criminal history.
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  • British woman Camilla Callaghan said she needed to check on her eight-year-old child when in fact she was doing a runner, failing to pay for her Botox treatments (which totalled more than $1,500) in April 2010. She was given a six-month community service order after the court heard that she was suffering from low self-esteem.
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