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Spray Tan Secrets Behind US Dancing With the Stars

You Need a Darker Tan to Do the Rumba than the Fox Trot

Say what? Apparently tan tone and type of dance go together like Ben and Jerry, Thelma and Louise and me and Brad Pitt. The Wall Street Journal says it, so it must be true.

The science is loosely based upon flesh on display. Makes sense; I just haven’t really thought about it in such detail before. Dances like the rumba and lambada require a deeper tan, while it’s all about the hands, neck and ankles for the fox trot and waltz as everyone’s covering up for a change.

I was even more surprised to find this out than I was to learn that you can magically za-zoo some cheekbones, sculpted arms and a six-pack (of the muscle not beer variety) out of a spray-tan gun. I shall definitely be keeping a closer eye on So You Think You Can Dance next year what with all of these findings.

Ps. the girls over at Glamour have rounded up some other funny tidbits from the article . . .

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