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Stress Causes Bloating

Beat the Bloat: Did You Know That Stress Causes Bloating?

Thanks to a certain Victoria's Secret Fashion Show yesterday and the fact that Summer is just a few short weeks away, we've fully immersed ourselves in Flat Stomach Mode. But exercise and a healthy diet aren't the only things you can do. Relaxing is key.

It might sound strange but stress is a common factor in bloating, which is definitely something you want to avoid when you're in a bikini. When you're stressed, adrenalin production levels increase in typical "fight or flight" mode but this typically slows the digestive system down, causing bloating.

Cortisol — dubbed the "stress hormone" — also doesn't help matters as it increases the body's longing for sugar and fats, which is why you feel like polishing off two family-sized Dairy Milk bars after a bad day at work. The good news is, levels of cortisol can easily be decreased by exercise and other relaxing activities. So if you want to have the perfect beach body — breathe, take a break and beat the bloat with a walk and a relaxing bath each day. How do you de-stress?

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