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The Sugar Spotlight Reader Review of Colgate MaxWhite One Toothpaste

In the Sugar Spotlight: Colgate MaxWhite One

Let's face it — we all covet sparkling white, movie star-style teeth. So we sent Colgate's new MaxWhite One to our trusty Sugar Spotlight reviewers, and by the sounds of it, it certainly does the job. Want to hear more about the product that gave them whiter smiles? Wait no more . . . in the Sugar Spotlight we have Prue with her terrific and informative review. It's over to you, Prue!

"I've been a professional tooth whitener for years after working in a dentist, so I was intrigued to try the Colgate MaxWhite One toothpaste. I have been surprised with the result — while my teeth are fairly white from previous whitening treatments, I found that they were continuously brighter for the week, slightly keeping coffee and tea stains at bay! I loved the minty-ness of the paste and didn't think it was too overpowering, nor too foamy! I will definitely be buying this toothpaste again as it keeps teeth whiter on a daily basis!" — Prue

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"After trying so many other whitening pastes, drops and washes I was really sceptical about the MaxWhite toothpaste, but after seven days it had made a huge difference to my teeth. Apart from lifting the stains, the MaxWhite provided a seriously good clean! It was gentle on my teeth and gums, but easily removed plaque and didn’t froth everywhere like some pastes. The only criticisms I have for this product are the taste and the texture. I would have preferred a slightly stronger minty flavour as this tasted like chemicals, and the texture was a bit gritty. Overall I’m incredibly stoked about this product and have already started to suggest it to others!" — Liz

"The Colgate MaxWhite One was an absolute sensation. My teeth weren't overly yellow but they were yellowing, so I was interested to see just how far the toothpaste alone would take them. I was surprised that not a few days went by and they were already whiter. My kids have been using it, too, and we are now onto our second tube. I think it's amazing and for the ease of use it can't be beaten. There is no point fiddling with mouthguards, bleach for teeth or paying for a professional job. It did everything it promised and had a great taste on top of all of that. I highly recommend it!" — Kara-Lee

"When I first saw the unassuming, silver bottle of Colgate MaxWhite One toothpaste, promising whiter teeth in just one week, I thought it was a gimmick. There's no way brushing my teeth three times a day could whiten my yellow-stained teeth. Even harder to believe was that it would keep them white, despite all the abuse my coffee-addiction puts them through. I brushed my teeth as normal, three times a day for two minutes, and was pleasantly surprised by the minty fresh taste of the toothpaste. My teeth are a lot whiter than I ever imagined — they haven't been this white since I had professional teeth whitening done last year! After a week my teeth were considerably less yellow, but a couple of weeks on they've turned into a nice white shade. They feel smoother and cleaner than before which is a massive plus. Colgate MaxWhite One gives me a reason to smile!" — Jasmine

"I have been using Colgate's new MaxWhite One toothpaste for the last three weeks and I'm impressed! My teeth definitely look brighter and cleaner than when I started using it. Other whitening toothpastes I have used leave a nasty chemical aftertaste, but Colgate's MaxWhite leaves your mouth feeling minty-fresh and your teeth smooth and clean. I would use this toothpaste even if it didn't whiten my teeth because I like the formula so much! The only downside is that I find the lid a bit tricky to open at times. I also found it difficult to use the product three times a day as suggested by the instructions — I tend to brush my teeth twice daily. Otherwise it's a great product." — Anna

"A great product from Colgate. MaxWhite One has a great taste and has definitely made my teeth whiter. Pros: It really does work. I have used many toothpastes that claim to deliver results however, this one actually does. It's the toothpaste to use if you’re serious about keeping your pearly whites whiter than, well, something really, really white! Cons: It's slightly more expensive than other products and brushing my teeth for three minutes seemed like three hours. Overall: Colgate delivered on its promises and it has become my regular toothpaste." — Talitha

"As devotees of Colgate MaxFresh, my husband and I were very excited and interested to try another Colgate Max product. We both agreed that we liked MaxWhite toothpaste, but we didn’t love it. Were our teeth whiter after a week? I think so. Like a spray tan, I would definitely buy this product a week before an important event. What would make me buy MaxWhite all the time? The toothpaste definitely needs to be more minty. I would also like the product to have more information on the safety of continued use of the toothpaste." — Larissa

"It's important to me to find an effective whitening toothpaste as I have fair skin and sometimes this can cause my teeth to seem a little yellow. Whitening toothpastes I've tried in the past have often tasted too strong and yucky for me to use for long, but Colgate MaxWhite is refreshingly different. It has the taste of "normal" minty toothpaste and leaves my breath feeling nice and fresh without a gross after-taste. In terms of actual whitening I have noticed a difference, although not too dramatic at this stage. With continued use I do believe this product will be effective and I am definitely going to keep using it. The sleek silver packaging looks good on my sink and the upright tube means no frustration trying to squeeze it out when it's nearly empty and less waste." — Meaghan

"The fancy silver tube stands on its head, squeezing out easily and cleanly so there is no crusty paste. There’s a fabulous grit factor and feels like you are buffing teeth gunk into oblivion. The flavour is more peppery than sweet. The instructions say to brush for two minutes, three times per day. I timed myself and was getting severe tedium at the 70 second mark! I could squeeze 30 seconds in the morning and 60 seconds at night without losing the plot. Two weeks on there is not much difference, however my teeth look shinier and cleaner and I have bought this again." — Julie

"My parents are the most supportive in the world. So when I was in grade 12 and decided I needed braces, they willingly forked out the money for them. Although my dentist told me there was really no need, I was obsessed with having gorgeous white teeth and after 12 Invisalign treatments, I had them. Needless to say, when my two front teeth were chipped, my parents were cranky and I was shattered. My dreams of white, perfect teeth were gone. Due to the caps on my teeth, this precluded me from having in-dentist whitening treatments. However, my prayers have been answered! From the first time I used Colgate MaxWhite One toothpaste, I was impressed. My teeth seemed whiter, shinier and the best part; my caps weren't scratched like they had been with other whitening toothpaste ranges. The other benefit is that there is no bi-carb taste. This toothpaste tastes lovely and foams substantially just like any other. My boyfriend did comment after three weeks that my teeth were so white, and I noticed a difference of about 3-4 shades. I will be re-purchasing this toothpaste so my dream of having movie star teeth can live on! Thanks Bella" — Karliah-Anne

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