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The Sugar Spotlight Round Two Reader Review of Colgate MaxWhite One Toothpaste

In the Sugar Spotlight: Colgate MaxWhite One

We're still on the quest to find the perfect Hollywood smile, so after our first round of Sugar Spotlight reviewers said they saw an improvement in the colour of their teeth after just a week, we were eager to find out more about Colgate MaxWhite One! Here's what the next round of our trial team thought, so read more to find out what Lucy and co. had to say!

"I’ve been meaning to try out a teeth-whitening program for a while now, but never found a toothpaste or product I was happy to go ahead with. So I’m very grateful that Colgate MaxWhite One landed on my lap! I was initially worried that the taste would be different to the normal minty flavour I’m used to with normal toothpaste, so I was pleasantly surprised that it still tasted minty fresh! As for the whitening part, the improvement was subtle after seven days — but there was an improvement, so that’s definitely a positive! I wasn’t expecting to get pearly whites in a matter of days so I’m impressed that it has actually made a difference. I’ll definitely keep using it, and recommending it to my family and friends!" — Lucy

More reviews . . ."I’ve been a whitening toothpaste fiend forever, and found the only ones that made a noticeable difference were the thick, chalky and slightly abrasive feeling ‘serious’ tooth cleaners. I was happy enough to forgo nice, feeling toothpastes in order to keep my pearly whites, white — but after using Colgate’s MaxWhite One I think I can have the best of both worlds. I like the chic silver tube and the way it stood upright in my medicine cabinet (yes, I’m a aesthete!), but what I liked more was the fact that it kept my white teeth white without tasting or feeling funky. The inoffensive minty gel was refreshing and felt smooth in my mouth. I’m sold, and will be sticking with it." — Ali

"I've been on the hunt for a good whitening toothpaste for a while now, but since there are so many varieties available, I found it hard to find one that ticked all the boxes. My teeth were never really yellow or discoloured but I did want to see their whiteness and brightness improve, so I was eager to try Colgate's MaxWhite One toothpaste in its sleek silver tube. On the taste and feeling factor, I found it to be refreshing, it frothed up well and I liked the minty flavour. Although i didn't use it three times per day (I only did it in the morning and before I went to bed) within a week I definitely saw an improvement in the colour of my teeth — they gradually looked whiter and with every day that I use it they seem to get brighter. I will definitely continue to use it and have told my friends to try it." — Tina

"As an avid coffee drinker and full time smoker I’ve always been fanatical about the colour and overall cleanliness of my teeth. I was actually a bit sceptical about whether it would do anything to the overall whiteness about my teeth as my teeth were never discoloured to begin with. I like how the toothpaste isn’t overly foamy and had the right hint of the minty taste. What I love is how clean my teeth feel after I’ve finished brushing! After a couple of days I was actually surprised to notice that my teeth were brighter!! This awesome product has officially become my favourite toothpaste and I haven’t stopped raving about it to my friends and family!" — Angelina

"As someone who is always turned off by whitening toothpaste thanks to its bleach-like smell and bi-carb taste, to say I was pleasantly surprised by Colgate MaxWhite One is an understatement. This toothpaste not only had a delightful taste and minty fresh smell, but it was also so easy and effective to use. I noticed an improvement in my whiteness almost immediately and by the end of a week, my smile instantly felt brighter. I adored the size and design of the bottle, too, it’s perfect for travelling and keeping on your bathroom shelf. I’ll continue to buy this toothpaste without a doubt!" — Sally

"I’ve started the process of having my teeth professionally whitened before and had to stop as I found it caused so much sensitivity that I was in pain. That means I’m always on the hunt for a whitening product I can use at home that doesn’t cause my teeth to become sensitive. I was impressed from the start with Colgate MaxWhite One — the packaging is very sleek and I love that the fits in my makeup bag when I’m going away for the weekend! When I first used it, it was great to notice to it wasn’t yucky tasting like some whitening products I have tried — never a good thing as far as toothpaste is concerned! After using it for seven days I feel as though I’ve noticed a difference, especially up near my gums where I did have a fair amount of yellowing. I’ll definitely continue to use as I have been impressed with it so far and I’m excited to see even more of a difference after longer use!" — Becca

"I was really excited that I could whiten my teeth during my daily routine of brushing. I can’t really say that my teeth are sparkling and I can’t say that my teeth are any whiter than they normally are. But I really like this idea. Perhaps I am supposed to brush them four times a day for it to work?" — Elly

"My previous disappointments with whitening toothpastes made me sceptical about this toothpaste’s claim to whiten in one week, but surprisingly it delivered results. The tube itself is brilliant — it looks sleek, has a convenient flip-top lid, and sits neatly upright next to the basin. The toothpaste is infused with tiny blue beads and has a fine grainy texture. It foams generously and has a mild, fresh minty flavour. My teeth felt clean and bright, even between brushing, and there has been a subtle improvement in the shade of my teeth. But as with other whitening toothpastes, it made the insides of my lips peel and also made them a bit dry and sore. I will continue to use this just once a day (instead of the recommended three times daily) — I am happy to wait longer for whiter teeth, knowing I am using a toothpaste that actually works!" — Sophie

"In a toothpaste I look for more than just a tooth clean and minty fresh breath, I’m always drawn to the whitening ones. Up until now though I’ve felt disappointed by the results and seen them all as a bit of a gimmick — after all, who doesn’t want whiter teeth? They suggest brushing your teeth three times a day but I continued to test the product by brushing just morning and night. I felt my smile was instantly whiter and brighter directly after brushing and then continued to remain at the new lighter shade until the next time I brushed. The taste was surprisingly nice and I plan to continue using Colgate MaxWhite One until I finish the tube. The way the results are heading I’m sure I’ll be buying another tube and if I do one day cut out coffee and red wine, well, hello Hollywood smile!" — Lynelle

"The Colgate MaxWhite One had some good and bad qualities. It tasted quite fresh, without being too strong which was great, however it didn't leave your breath feeling as fresh as I would like. I liked the tube — much cleaner than traditional packaging and not huge like some so it's perfect for just a couple of people to use. I don't know that it made a significant difference to the colour of my teeth, some days they seemed slightly whiter, but other days it seemed to have no effect at all. I would probably buy this product in future, but would have to use it with mouthwash to get a fresher feeling after brushing." — Jackie

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