Here’s How to Tell Which Makeup Shades Suit Your Skin Tone

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When it comes to choosing makeup products like eyeshadow, foundation and lipstick, the undertone of your skin plays a large role in this decision. There’s a reason why certain colours and shades look better on different skin tones and this is all because of your individual undertone.

Understanding what yours is can help you choose products that will bring out your features and highlight your natural beauty. There are three main undertones, which are warm, cool and neutral. Warm undertones are generally peachy-yellow coloured, while cool undertones exude pink and blue tones.

Neutral undertones, on the other hand, are usually similar to your skin tone. If you’re struggling to work out which category you fall into, here are three easy ways to tell. And, below, these are the colours and makeup shades that will work with (not against) your colouring to bring out your undertone.

Cool Undertones

When it comes to foundation, those with cool undertones should look for slightly pinker shades as yellow-tinted foundations can make you look sallow. According to Healthline, those with cool undertones are best suited to pink, green, purple and red tones. Choosing these shades will help bring out your natural complexion and enhance your skin tone.

Warm Undertones

Warm undertones are best suited to a more yellow-hued foundation product. When it comes to colours, you really want to lean into similar shades with yellow, gold and peach really complimenting your skin. This is your cue to go all-in on bronze shades and lean into smokey, golden eyeshadows.

Neutral Undertones

For neutral undertones, you’re looking for a foundation that isn’t really yellow or pink. Instead, a combination of the two — in a peach shade — will often work best. When it comes to eyeshadow and lipstick shades, the lucky ducks with neutral undertones can pull off the colour palettes of both the warm and cool undertones.

If you fall into the camp of having a slight olive undertone, you can also reach for earthy colours like gold and green to bring out your bronzed skin.

While wearing colours and shades in line with your skin undertone isn’t necessary, it might help you when it comes to buying makeup because there’s nothing worse than ordering a lippie online, to only have it delivered and discover it doesn’t really suit you!

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