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Teenager Gets Botox From Mum

Botox: Now For 16-Year-Olds?

In breaking Botox news, a 16-year-old British girl is being given Botox by her mother, the self-proclaimed "Human Barbie" who's had almost $835,000 of plastic surgery herself. Given the context, I guess, the story isn't terribly surprising but what kills me is the young girl who's using it says she's "met plenty of girls my age who are having these procedures," and "everyone at my school was talking about having B." (B's what the kids are calling Botox, nowadays. Awesome.)

How is Botox something a teenager could possibly even be thinking about, you ask? Well, the girl in question says it's mainly preventative, so that she won't "look haggard and ugly by the time I'm 25." (Because, being 25, that's exactly how I look. Biatch.)

I get wanting to prevent wrinkles before they start, but surely you're going to cause more premature-ageing by worrying about them as a teenager, no?

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