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10 Things Girls With Curly Hair Are Sick of Hearing, as Told by GIFs

10 Things Girls With Curly Hair Are Sick of Hearing, as Told by GIFs
Image Source: Everett Collection

It takes a bold woman to love her curls unconditionally. After all, I've personally spent years looking for the perfect products, hair tools — you name it — to make my own disappear or at least play nice.

As if the almost-daily stress of wondering if your strands will be able to take the humidity wasn't enough, there are the never-ending comments from people who are trying to make sense of or help you feel better about your curls. From backhanded compliments to creative jokes (no, there's no bird's nest in there, thank you), read on for some of the ones that stand out like my frizz at a Summer barbeque.

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