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Things Your Shouldn't Do With Beauty Products, That You Actually Do

Confession Corner: Beauty Don'ts That You Secretly Do

Even though I am constantly going on about beauty being fun and there being no rules, there are certain things that are frowned upon. Let's call them The Don'ts. Trouble is, like anything forbidden, you'll always find yourself doing them . . .

The Don't: Ironing with your ghd

Why you do it: Because the iron is all the way over there

The Don't: See a bobby pin . . . steal a bobby pin

Why you do it: Because someone's obviously doing it to you. Your collection should total at least 8,973 by now

Keep reading . . .The Don't: Hide your posh lotions and potions when guests come to stay

Why you do it: Because L'Oreal and La Mer aren't fair trade-offs

The Don't: Draw on freckles with your brow pencils

Why you do it: Because Rachel Bilson has freckles. And anything Rachel Bilson has, you want

The Don't: See how long you can go restyling your hair without shampooing

Why you do it: Because all that old hairspray seems to be working for Miss Moss

The Don't: Steal your BFF's mascara

Why you do it: Because it's the new rotating Diorshow from OS. And you're bored of always losing the Lash-Off.

The Don't: Dye your 8-year-old niece's hair bright red

Why you do it: Because Christina Hendricks did it. And now she's fam-ous.

How about you, 'fess up, any don'ts that you totes do all the time?

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