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Tip: Tint Eyebrows Before Waxing

Tip of the Day: Tint Before You Wax

I popped along to the Benefit Boutique at the weekend and was reminded of a fabulous tip that the head of the Bene Babes had shared with me in the past.

It sounds a little wacky but before you get your eyebrows waxed, ask for them to tint your eyebrows first. This way, all the ultra-fine blonde hairs that were trying to hide from sight can be picked up, giving your brow technician more to work with. It may sound like you’re making their job harder but in actual fact, you’re making it easier.

It’s like ordering a supreme pizza. (Stay with me.) Even if you don’t like half the toppings, it’s best to have everything put on and remove the bits that you don’t want yourself because you may find a stray olive that is actually very tasty/useful. In other words it’s always easier to remove than add.

Benefit Eyebrow Tint & Arch ($35). Call 02 8353 5000 to book.

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