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Tips For Getting a Spray Tan

If You're Thinking of Getting Your First Spray Tan, Read This

Getting a fake tan whether it's your 15th or your first can leave you feeling a little apprehensive, as no one wants to find themselves on the orange side of the colour chart. But trust me when I say that after you've had your first spray tan, you'll find yourself addicted

If you're going for your first spray tan soon or are considering one, there are some things you need to know first. We've enlisted the help of the ultimate tan guru, Fake Bake's Global Creative Consultant, James Harknett to help answer any questions you may have when going for your first spray tan.

From how best to avoid those dreaded orange-stained bed sheets to hacking your way to patch-free elbows and knees, James has you covered. Read on to see his top tips to give you the tan of your dreams.

What tips would you give to someone going for a spray tan for the first time?

"If you are a tanning novice and a little perturbed from using a self-tanner, I strongly recommend using a fair tan for a warm, natural glow." James also makes the great suggestion of trying out a spray tan on the legs first to get used to the spray-tanning procedure and colour guide.

How long will a Fake Bake tan last?

"A Fake Bake tan will last a good five to seven days if you look after the tan. Keep out of hot water, and pat the skin dry. Also, moisturise every day to lock in the colour"

Can I still wear makeup over a spray tan?

"Once the guide colour is rinsed after either eight hours or the following morning, makeup can be applied as usual. Most people find they don't need as much foundation or bronzer once their face is tanned." After I've had a spray tan, I find this is definitely the case. I love how little makeup I need after a tan.

Do I need to prep before a spray tan?

"You always need to prep the skin with a good exfoliator, like the Fake Bake Bamboo Buffing Lotion ($19.95). "You don't want to use anything too oily, as this can affect how the tan sticks to the skin, and James says, "it's crucial to remove traces of other skin care before tanning." However, you must still moisturise after you've washed the colour guide off and in the following days to maintain an even colour. Using an oil-free moisturiser is best.

How soon should I shave before a tan?

"Shaving should be taken care of 24 hours before a spray tan, leaving pores time to close, which avoids any colour guide sitting in the pores."

How can I avoid orange bed sheets?

If you're a real tanning addict *raises hand*, you'll have certain tan sheets or PJs dedicated to sleeping in whilst your tan marinates. James says "tan can darken bed sheets; however, it washes away on a 30-degree wash. To avoid this, try getting your tan earlier so you can wash off the guide colour before bedtime." However, from personal experience, be aware of toilet-seat stains if you opt for a daytime tan.

What is the best type of body wash to use to maintain my tan?

"Avoid a shower gel with sulphates, as these can strip the colour prematurely."

Will my moisturiser affect my tan?

"DHA, the tanning agent, naturally dehydrates the skin, which can make the tan start to break up and crumble in the skin, so moisturising is key. Moisturising twice a day with an oil-free moisturiser allows the tan to fade evenly like a real suntan."

How can I avoid dark patches on my joints?

"To avoid dark patches, thin out the tan on dry areas of the body, such as the knees and elbows. Dab a pea-size amount of moisture on these areas before application." Read up more on how to do this with our quick hack to avoid those patchy knees.

Can I get a spray tan before my holiday in the sun?

"Yes. Spray tanning before a holiday has become a must for many! It actually stops people from damaging their skin, as there is not such an overwhelming desire to lay out in the sun so quickly and catch some colour." You may find your tan fades quicker as you are going in the pool and sea. Use a gradual tanning moisturiser throughout your trip make sure you still have a glow toward the end of your holiday.

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