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Tips On Getting A Super Straight Fringe Like Erin Fetherston

The Best Bangs in the Biz and How to Get Them For Yourself

Remember Erin Fetherston's Fall 2010 collection and those gorgeous clip-on fringes? Sigh. So pretty and girly. LOVE. Back in February, lead stylist Odile Gilbert said the style was inspired by "Nico of the Velvet Underground and a bit of Erin." Two women famous for their bangs. Erin's especially always look immaculate. So sleek and straight that it's been on my To Do list for-ev-er to shadow her movements and steal her style. Luckily it didn't require the return flight to NY as Erin recently shared how she gets them looking so razor sharp at a Juicy Couture dinner on Tuesday night . . .

Religious trims: Literally once or twice a week. Erin learnt this from her Parisian stylist David Mallett and has stuck to the rule ever since. 'Cept now she cuts her own. She calls it the "art of bangs."

Nozzle, nozzle: Erin uses a nozzle on her hairdryer. But not, just any nozzle, one with a razor-thin slit to allow for precision styling. Try Remington's Studio Pro Salon Ionic ($38.95).

Full of hot air: While it might not be amazing for your hair, Erin says she blasts out "really hot air," and after two minutes, 'tis beautifully straight. It really is that easy. Who knew.

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