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Tips For Looking Younger

How-To: Look Good in Your 40s Without the Botox

Now, you might be nowhere near your 40s just yet, or you might be out the other side and having a whale of a time, either way this post is dedicated to anyone and everyone (pass it onto your mum or file it away for future use) who wants to grow old gracefully and still be able to turn heads. Because that's what beauty's all about. Making you look and feel gorgeous. Inside and out. Beauty knows no age limits.

Sadly, more and more nowadays, if a woman in her 40s looks great, everyone starts to whisper about the surgeon's knife. Not nice. And certainly not necessary, when you live by these tips :

Employ a good skincare routine: As most experts will remind you, your skin is the biggest organ that you have and certainly the most aesthetically-obvious one, which means it's crazy to neglect it. Cleansing, moisturising and protecting are key to good skin. Dipping in and out of a routine won't keep the wrinkles at bay so find a simple skincare routine that you know you'll be able to stick to. And remember that SPF is vital.

Go green: Both in food and activities. Stress is a massive ager. HUGE. Eating good, healthy food (nothing fast foodie, processed or fried) will instantly reflect in your face, as will spending time outdoors. Naturally relieving yourself of stress will take a lot of the hard work out of the war against wrinkles. Keep reading . . .

Sleep: During the night is when your skin works hardest, repairing all the damage that the day inflicted. If you don't get into a good sleeping pattern, you're not really allowing your skin to get into a good regenerating pattern. Also, sleep deprivation lowers circulation which is why you wake up looking pale and drawn, not radiant and ready to face the day. Fact: getting eight hours of sleep per night can knock up to three years off your age, according to US Dermatologist Dr. Amy Wechsler.

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