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Tips and Questions Answered About Facial Exfoliators

The Scrub of Your Life: Facial Exfoliators

Talking about face scrubs often brings lots of little and some BIG questions out of the woodwork. For instance, is it really necessary; can’t I just use a body scrub; how often should I do it and have you seen my denim jacket? So today, I’m going to help dispel a few myths for you and put you on the path to gorgeous-looking A-list skin.

Why do I have to exfoliate? Because it buffs away the top layers of dead skin cells and other debris, allowing moisturiser to penetrate so you don’t get flaky, dehydrated (and gross) patches on your face. Dead skin sitting on your face = totally dull and grey (not to mention rough) complexion.

How often should I exfoliate? Ideally, twice a week; but if you’re oily and congested, up it to three times.

Keep reading . . .What type of exfoliant should I use? There are different types of scrubs: mechanical exfoliators, that feature beads/a gritty-textured substance to buff away the dead skin cells, and chemical exfoliators, which dislodge dead skin cells using mild acids like alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA), beta-hydroxy acid or salicylic acid. It comes down to personal preference, but sensitive skins suit a rice-bran based mechanical scrub, while more mature skin benefits from an AHA-based exfoliant.

Is it OK to use a body scrub on my face? Nah-uh. It’ll be too abrasive. Remember, you only want to remove the dead surface cells, not anything deeper or else you’ll compromise the protective skin barrier.

PS. So in case you were wondering, the answers are yes, no, it’s complicated and ask Fab.

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