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Try Neutrogena's NEW Oil Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Range For FREE!

It's Pink, It Fights Spots and Blackheads and It Smells YUMMO

Holy heavens Batman. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's . . . Neutrogena's latest blemish buster. And not to play favourites or anything, but I happen to think it's their best one yet. And I'll tell you more about the new range (yes, there's more than one product: YAY) soon but first things, first. A little poll if you will . . .

Hands up who has suffered from spots or lost the pore war against blackheads? I'm seeing a lot of hands. I'm holding up two. Now, hands up if you've ever used an acne product: a wash, a scrub, a treatment? Hellooooo. Hands. Where are you all? Let me guess. You don't like using them because you think they're for your 13-year-old brother, not you, right? Plus, they smell all chemical-y and make your skin flare up. Yes? Trust me, been there. Thought all of those.

Which is why I was instantly in LOVE with the sound of Neutrogena's new Oil Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit range. Consisting of a Foaming Scrub ($14.99) and Facial Wash ($14.99), the products smell of dah-dah pink grapefruit. Yummy, yummy pink grapefruit. Not chemicals. Not soap. But fresh and invigorating pink grapefruit. They harness the power of Neutrogena's MicroClear® Technology which dissolves all the sebum (read: oily gunk) so that salicylic acid can penetrate deeper, not only clearing up exisiting spots, but helping to prevent future breakouts too. Plus, it doesn't dry skin out. Plus Vanessa Hudgens uses it every day. FACT.

WE WANT YOU to join us on the Think Pink challenge and see what a different Neutrogena's new Oil Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit range can make to your skin and your confidence. To be in with a chance of being picked to try both products, all you have to do is LIKE this article. (See up the top there's a Facebook Like thingy-ma-jig? Press it and you're one step closer to being on the Think Pink Reader Review Panel. Too easy.) Now first up, we asked what you normally do when you have a spot: do you pile on the makeup, hide away forever or are you good and wait it out? But NOW we want to know what you're most looking forward to this Summer? This is your LAST chance, those who haven't yet responded to our first question, to make it onto the Reader Review Panel so get in quick!

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rainygem rainygem 6 years
sleeping out under the stars
amybabyshambles amybabyshambles 6 years
I'm looking forward to paddling at South Bank (Brisbane) in my new bikini and eating lots of icecreams and gelati :)
livi92 livi92 6 years
I'm looking forward to warm weather, my daughters first pool and beach trip (and first summer) and wearing pretty floral dresses :)
dandsash dandsash 6 years
This summer I'm looking forward to finally biting the bullet and getting over my hydrophobia and then swimming with my children!
dandsash dandsash 6 years
It's quite tempting to pop them especially the blackheads - concealer and foundation are a must have for these annoying critters!
Eggsie Eggsie 6 years
I'm looking forward to the first real family vacation my immediate and extended family are having this summer! We haven't seen each other in years, and I'm hoping it'll be a very memorable summer, since we don't know when we'll get another chance to be together like this. :D
UnrulyPatchouli UnrulyPatchouli 6 years
Normally, when I have a spot, I use proactive and make up to conceal it the best that I can. I do find that proactive bleaches my skin and hate using it!
UnrulyPatchouli UnrulyPatchouli 6 years
I am looking forward to the beach this summer with my husband and my dogs, Missy and Bella. I'm looking forward to Barbecues and good friends!
Eggsie Eggsie 6 years
Usually I use the Neutrogena Rapid Clear spot and blemish remover. Works a treat, and it's pretty cheap. :D
Biohaz Biohaz 6 years
I always have pimples. I have given up on makeup etc unless I am going out =[ I just use my Neutrogena rapid clear combo and wait it out now. I am looking forward to swimming in the river this summer!! The river where I live finally has water! and of course swimming at the pool. I LOVE SWIMMING! Also looking forward to taking 4wd camping trips to other awesome places for guess what? SWIMMING hehe
cingywingy cingywingy 7 years
Will disinfect it by using warm towel on calm it down..then wash it with cleanser and put some pimple cream
boxsey boxsey 7 years
Pop that sucker!
jaimielee jaimielee 7 years
Im a teenager, I get pimples and I HATE THEM! I havent been able to find that product that gives me flawless skin yet! :(
motleytommylee motleytommylee 7 years
I'm the kind of girl who cannot be seen with a single spot on my face, I would definitely pile on the makeup, as bad as that really is for my skin.
theempirestate theempirestate 7 years
I make sure I keep up with my cleansing, toning and moisturising and try not to touch it!
cjblue cjblue 7 years
If I have a few days for damage control its all about APPLES! They are definitely the super fruit, in a couple of days my skin is all clear, otherwise I use neautraliser (green makeup) to cover up as best I can :)
ChronoSphinx ChronoSphinx 7 years
I've just liked this article... hope I get picked. I love Neutrogena products, effective and cheap!
I would definately wait it out because if you don't cover it right then it makes it like a blaring sign for anyone to look at the pimple you just don't have the confidence not to hide
mandachic mandachic 7 years
I try the old wives tale of a dab of toothpaste left overnight - I think I just hope harder than I heal!
Trifle Trifle 7 years
I always have good intentions of not touching it but I can never help myself and end up giving it a squeeze! Then I wash it with water and pat dry gently. If I'm at home I leave it at that but if I have to go out I use a concealer cream!
mel19811 mel19811 7 years
i tend to try and cleanse and exfoliate it to rid it of any gunk, then hide it under plenty of concealer. A good quality pimple gel like neutrogna combined with regular scrubs and washe tend to prevent alot of outbreaks thankfully
mystygirl mystygirl 7 years
If its a pimple i tend to squeeze (naughty I know!) then cover in tea tree oil which dries it out.. however the smell really gets up your nose. I dont have the luxury of hiding away with 3 children under my belt. Though my 12 year old gets bad acne and she wishes she could! Blackheads I have tried to get rid of and they are SO hard to remove without squeezing and scaring. I tend to cover up with make up and wish them away (hmmm i doesnt work) I wish I could find a product that would help ..more for my impressionable daughter than myself. Its sad that bad skin can affect confidence so much as a teen.
susi-q susi-q 7 years
stay home.. at least for the worst of it .. Im a chicken :)
teen72 teen72 7 years
Exfoliate, then wait it out.....
maryanacole maryanacole 7 years
If it's too nasty looking I put some Pimple medication on it, if it looks scary then I hide it with some concealer!
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