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Try Neutrogena's NEW Oil Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Range For FREE!

It's Pink, It Fights Spots and Blackheads and It Smells YUMMO

Holy heavens Batman. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's . . . Neutrogena's latest blemish buster. And not to play favourites or anything, but I happen to think it's their best one yet. And I'll tell you more about the new range (yes, there's more than one product: YAY) soon but first things, first. A little poll if you will . . .

Hands up who has suffered from spots or lost the pore war against blackheads? I'm seeing a lot of hands. I'm holding up two. Now, hands up if you've ever used an acne product: a wash, a scrub, a treatment? Hellooooo. Hands. Where are you all? Let me guess. You don't like using them because you think they're for your 13-year-old brother, not you, right? Plus, they smell all chemical-y and make your skin flare up. Yes? Trust me, been there. Thought all of those.

Which is why I was instantly in LOVE with the sound of Neutrogena's new Oil Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit range. Consisting of a Foaming Scrub ($14.99) and Facial Wash ($14.99), the products smell of dah-dah pink grapefruit. Yummy, yummy pink grapefruit. Not chemicals. Not soap. But fresh and invigorating pink grapefruit. They harness the power of Neutrogena's MicroClear® Technology which dissolves all the sebum (read: oily gunk) so that salicylic acid can penetrate deeper, not only clearing up exisiting spots, but helping to prevent future breakouts too. Plus, it doesn't dry skin out. Plus Vanessa Hudgens uses it every day. FACT.

WE WANT YOU to join us on the Think Pink challenge and see what a different Neutrogena's new Oil Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit range can make to your skin and your confidence. To be in with a chance of being picked to try both products, all you have to do is LIKE this article. (See up the top there's a Facebook Like thingy-ma-jig? Press it and you're one step closer to being on the Think Pink Reader Review Panel. Too easy.) Now first up, we asked what you normally do when you have a spot: do you pile on the makeup, hide away forever or are you good and wait it out? But NOW we want to know what you're most looking forward to this Summer? This is your LAST chance, those who haven't yet responded to our first question, to make it onto the Reader Review Panel so get in quick!

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