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Anastasia Is Bringing Back the Bikini Bush in Fifty Shades of Grey

The bush is making a comeback. Yes, your mum's hippie belief that the more hair the better is returning in a big way. The good news: you'll have to endure far less pain at your next waxing appointment. And if you needed further proof that the baby's bare bottom thing is on its way out, Fifty Shades of Grey director Sam Taylor-Johnson told HuffPost Live about her decision to keep all of Anastasia Steele's hair . . . down there. "Dakota [Johnson] and I had a very funny discussion about the arc and journey of her pubic hair," she said. "That she should start one way and she goes on this journey with it and in line with how it's written in the book — [the] journey of that." Before you schedule (or cancel!) your Valentine's Day hair-removal appointment, read our complete bush breakdown. We can't promise that the service will be painless, but at least you won't get be embarrassed when the esthetician asks you to turn over.

Waxing Styles

  • Brazilian: You will be bald as a newborn baby after enduring this meticulous waxing service. All hair is removed from the top of the bikini area, underneath, and between the butt cheeks. This is definitely Miley Cyrus's favourite choice because of her high-cut costumes.
  • Bikini: You can't mess with a classic. This option just removes the hair around your underwear line. Traditionally you'll end up with a triangle shape. Feel free to request a trim, too. It's the perfect option for those into the high-waisted bikini trend or first-time waxers.
  • Full-Bush Brazilian: Hippies will rejoice at the latest waxing trend that's a cross between the bikini and the Brazilian. All the hair is removed from the buttocks and underneath, but the "bush" remains unscathed and free.
  • Landing strip: This one is for fun-loving ladies who like shapes (hearts for Valentine's Day perhaps). It covers all the areas of a Brazilian wax, but leaves a shape of your choice, usually a vertical strip, on top.

Types of Wax

  • Honey wax or sugaring: If you prefer an organic approach to hair removal or have sensitive skin, this should be your method of choice. These recipes are based on ancient hair-removal rituals. The mixture is a combination of honey, sugar, lemon juice, or water that is heated to a taffy-like consistency (pro: it's also easy to DIY). Because it's all-natural, this wax is more gentle on the skin, and it can be used cold (read: no burning). This sweet recipe also doesn't adhere to the skin — only hair — so pain is minimised.
  • Hard/hot wax: This type of wax is smeared on in thick patches and removed without the use of cloth. The wax cools then hardens around hair. Try this method if you have coarse or thick hair around your underwear line or underarms. This type tends to hurt less and is usually available at chains like Leah's Wax Works.
  • Strip wax: Soft wax is the most well-known type. The product is used in conjunction with cloth to remove hair. This method is loved because it's quick, but painless . . . not so much. It is the ideal option for removing hair on large areas like legs and arms.
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