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UK Reports Growing Number of Male Boob Jobs

Is David Beckham to Blame For Rise In Men's Boob Jobs?

Sometimes I do wonder about my job. It's one thing to put a mascara through its paces, to weigh up the pros and cons of hair bling, to tirelessly search for the best frizz fighter, but quite another to wonder if I should hold David Beckham accountable for the surge in men's boob jobs.

I'll rewind a little so that we're both up to speed: figures published by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons showed an 80 percent rise in surgery to correct gynecomastia (aka man boobs/moobs). They are now even more popular than female boob jobs. (Watch out Spencer, Heidi will be checking you in soon.)

When questioned about their new-found 'popularity,' Rajiv Grover, the consultant who collated the audit, cited positive media attention around the outcome of the surgery, as well as highlighting the pressure that men now face from big fashion houses "using half-naked men, such a David Beckham, to advertise." Hmmm. There's no denying that body issue is a serious topic but I think the boys are forgetting that we've had to deal with seriously hot supers for years and we're not all dashing out to have surgery. What do you think? Is sexy Becks (and every other male model) to blame for piling on the pressure or is that a tinsy bit ridiculous?

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