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The Ultimate Tips For Your Best Eyebrows Ever

Beauty is a full spectrum of skin tones, ages and cultural heritages and we want to celebrate it all! Join Priceline Pharmacy as we celebrate the beauty of diversity in Australian women, and most importantly, the beauty of you.

We've already been given the insider tips on looking after Asian skin, now let's look at how to take care of one of your most important beauty assets: your eyebrows.

If you've been blessed with beautiful thick brows, you may have been tempted at some point to pluck, tweeze, thread and wax them into obscurity. Don't do it! There are some great techniques to be learned from our Middle Eastern and Mediterranean sisters.

A great pair of eyebrows has the ability to completely transform your look, and having more to work with is never a bad thing — take it from Priceline Sister Ada Nicodemou. She's chipped in with her old-school secret to tame unruly brows.

And if your brows are a little on the sparse side, don't for a second think you're stuck with a 70's look forever. We've got tricks for you, too.

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