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This Mascara Is the Secret to Keeping Your Lashes Curled All Day

This Mascara Is the Secret to Keeping Your Lashes Curled All Day

If there's one product we burn through quicker than most, it's got to be mascara. Even though we have our firm favourites, we'll always put our hands up to test out a new formula. After all, the next one might just be "the one", right?

But with so many mascaras on the market, we had to formulate some kind of method to narrow down our selection. Want to know what always comes out on top? Waterproof. And for good reason, as it keeps our poker-straight lashes curled all day long — with the support of an eyelash curler, of course!

Trust us, we're not just making off the cuff claims here. It's basic science. Waterproof formulas are made with a higher oil to water ratio, designed to prevent them for melting off your face. However, this also works to lock your lashes into a curl. Essentially, think of waterproof mascara working in the same way your hairspray does to lock in a curl. Genius, huh?

And look, we know waterproof mascara can be a pain to remove, but at least you can count on curled lashes that will also past the cry test.

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