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Using Computers All Day May Age You Prematurely. Sucks.

Stop. Step Away From Your Computer. It'll Give You SSF

That's saggy "screen face." Fo' real. This dermatologist seems to believe that computer usage is responsible for premature ageing in office workers. Dr. Michael Prager said, "If you spend most of the time looking down [at your screen], then the neck muscles shorten and go saggy, eventually giving you a second neck." And since women in their 20s have grown up using computers so frequently, he added that "in another 10 years, they could be looking quite awful." Prager didn't cite any studies to back up his assertions, but recommends using Botox to keep yourself looking fresh. Who knew that blogging and Botox came hand-in-hand. Huh. What do you reck? Will this actually stop you using your computer? Are you heading to get B?

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