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Vanessa Hudgens Does Pigtails and Peculiar Mani at Comic-Con

Vanessa Hudgens' Sucker Punch Hair and Nails. Discuss.

Originally this post was going to be all about Vanessa Hudgens' hair. Because well it's pretty and she wore it two different ways on the very same day. But then I saw her nails. At first you'd be forgiven for thinking the same as me. Cute turquoise honey, is it Chanel Nouvelle Vague? But look a little closer. There's metallic glittering bronze on her ring finger. (Side note: is it still called a ring finger if it's on your right hand? Answers on a postcard, please.) It matches her pedi, don't you know. So now you'll see why this post has had to evolve to cover both issues. We're all for a bit of freestylin' here. So, what I want you to do is vote below on which hairstyle you like best: the cute 'lil pigtails that she wore to the Sucker Punch cocktail party or her standard issue tousled waves that she wore to an event on day three of Comic-Con international. And then in the comments section tell me what you think of her makeshift mani.

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