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Venustus High Definition Bodywork Treatment Review

This New Massage Gives the Same Results As a Five-Day Juice Cleanse

I was recently invited into Sydney's Venustus Body and Beauty Lab to trial its latest treatment — High Definition Bodywork. The 75-minute treatment aims to contour and define the body, designed for immediate results, and long-term benefits. Before my treatment began, I sat down with director Jeannie Bourke to learn more about the process she designed with her team.

I'd spotted a few before-and-after pictures of the treatment on Instagram (mine are below) and could barely believe the result. But to understand why this treatment actually works, it's important to understand more about the lymphatic system.

Jeannie explained the lymphatic system is an important part of your immune system. It works to detoxify your body and controls the volume of fluid circulating your body. It absorbs and transports toxins from the digestive system, which is why a congested lymphatic system can lead to you feeling uncomfortable, bloated and puffy — it means your body is retaining fluid and toxins.

The High Definition Bodywork treatment works to stimulate the lymphatic system. Why do we even need this? Think of it as a reset. In order to get the lymphatic system moving, you need to move – long days spent behind a desk, in transit, commuting — all work to block your lymphatic flow, and can eventually lead to extra fat cells, cellulite, swelling, and bloating. If your lymphatic system isn't working in order, the exercise and clean food you're eating won't be as effective.

Throughout the treatment, two therapists worked on various techniques. First, they started with dry body brushing and then moved onto manual lymphatic drainage massage (an old-school technique). From there, the treatment started to feel like nothing I've experienced before, using the same device you'd see in a cupping treatment. The treatment ended with kneading and rolling the skin to assist in removing toxins/fats through the lymphatic system.

The way I felt post-treatment, and for the few days after, was as though I'd just completed a five-day juice cleanse, but without the torture of actually undergoing a juice cleanse. Post-treatment my tummy was flat (I've included my own before-and-after pics below), I had an uninterrupted sleep (not common for me), and I was full of energy the next day.

After uploading my before-and-after pictures onto Instagram Stories, my DMs went off. Aside from everyone desperate to know what treatment I'd received and how long the results lasted (for a few days, at least), my girlfriends were commenting that my skin texture looked soft, and almost like it had been airbrushed (I promise there was #NoFilter), a result of the Cellulite Eliminator Body Serum ($99) used throughout the treatment.

I wish it was a treatment I could indulge in every week, but unfortunately, my schedule doesn't permit. Instead, I'll be booking in before a big event (i.e. a wedding), or the day I return from a long-haul flight to help fight fluid retention and swelling.

Keep scrolling to peep my before (on the left) and after pics and then slide into my DMs if you're curious to hear more about the treatment.

Image Source: Amanda Bardas
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