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Video of Chanel's Global Creative Makeup Director Talking About Limited Edition SoHo Collection

Chanel SoHo Collection Touches Down in Sydney. Fo' Real

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Never in my LIFE have I wanted to go to NYC more than I do now. You see, to celebrate the renovation and re-opening of Chanel's SoHo boutique, Peter Philips, Global Creative Director of Makeup and My Favourite Man in the World, has created the limited edition Chanel SoHo Collection. Normally I'd be willing to console myself with the fact that Bondi Beach got our very own limited edition collection first, but I'm not. Because I want the SoHo de Chanel Face Palette and I want it now. Comprising three shades — to take care of all your blush and highlighting needs — it's also been embossed with the SoHo logo in a little homage to pop art styling. I die. The colour palette for the collection is soft pinks, combined with steely metals — a nod to the strong, yet feminine woman whom the collection is targeted to. Other standouts include Le Vernis Steel (a grey-black with a hint of sparkle) and Strong (a deep red-black). Check out Peter Philips talking about the collection — in particular the product names — now!

The limited edition Chanel SoHo Collection is available from the Chanel Makeup Studio in Myer Sydney now.

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